3 Tips for a More Effective Volunteer Program

Quick Tips for an Effective Volunteer Program

Establishing an effective volunteer program for your enterprise can be very challenging. But, how to boost employee involvement? You want to give back to your community, and you’ve created ways for your employees to do that. So how do you increase employee participation in your volunteer program?

Increase Awareness. If your employees aren’t familiar with your program, they won’t participate. Your volunteer program won’t be effective if your employees aren’t aware of it. It seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Make sure you’re not just sticking fliers around the office or hoping employees remember the program exists from orientation. Embrace new technologies that help spread the word. KyndHub will help! It’s a new and exciting way to remind your employees of your program.

Brief and Debrief at Volunteer Events. Volunteer programs are most successful when your employees are interested in the volunteer opportunity, but you can’t know how your employees feel if you never ask! You can create questionnaires, before and after group volunteer events, to hear your employees thoughts. Briefing your employees at or before a specific volunteer event will also make it a more effective experience for your volunteers. They’ll be more confident in what they’re doing, and it sets the stage for open dialogue after the event. You can also let your employees choose and create their own volunteer opportunities!

Involve the Whole Enterprise Community. One of the perks an enterprise receives from a volunteer program is the increase in social capital! Your impact will be greater. Employees will also work harder when they’re surrounded by friends and family. KyndHub is an incredible tool for this – it’s a platform for everyone. Your employees can challenge each other, and invite their friends. Effective volunteer programs have high participation!

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