Teaching Kindfulness to Kids (Includes Free Printables!)

Every parent wants to raise kids who are good human beings. Parents want nothing more than for their kids to be kind, happy, and mentally healthy. The key is to get them started young by teaching them about practicing kindfulness. Practicing kindfulness encourages kids to be nice to each other and will also improve their mental wellness down the road.

Kindfulness Connects: Q&A With a Volunteer

Brandon K. shares his adventures as a volunteer, his mental health journey, and the insights that he has gained along the way. Q: How did you first become involved with Project Helping? A: I first became involved with Project Helping while volunteering at the Action Center in Lakewood, CO. I enjoyed meeting the other volunteers … Continue reading Kindfulness Connects: Q&A With a Volunteer→

Volunteering: The First Pillar of Kindfulness

We are a rushed, success-driven society. Volunteering: It sticks out like a sore thumb in our rushed, financially driven society. We are busy and our work days are often full. The evenings are spent tired, restless and unfulfilled. Most of us only have time for so much. We’re digging for purpose and often working simply … Continue reading Volunteering: The First Pillar of Kindfulness→

Kindfulness: Connecting Kindness and Mindfulness

Kindness revealed We hide behind thin sheets of self. Enclosed, we are hopefully, safe. Behind windows with fogged panes we watch the world slowly, painfully, rotate. Someone peeks behind their swaying sheets and seems discouraged. They take a quick glance around. Others watching, waiting to see if someone will reach past their enclosure. Slowly, they lift … Continue reading Kindfulness: Connecting Kindness and Mindfulness→

Young Leaders: The Youth Advisory Council and Their First Events

If you have ever volunteered with Project Helping, you know that we have AMAZING Kynd Leaders at each of our wellness experiences. These volunteer leaders are the cheerful folks in the bright green Project Helping shirts. They help sign in volunteers, make sure everyone has something to do, and speak about Project Helping’s mission. What … Continue reading Young Leaders: The Youth Advisory Council and Their First Events→

New Year, New You: Mental Wellness in 2019

Happy New Years! The best part about New Years is that it gives all of us a clean slate and a chance to do better in the coming year. That’s why a lot of people make New Years Resolutions. Some popular resolutions are things like lose weight, save more money or get a new job. … Continue reading New Year, New You: Mental Wellness in 2019→

Happiness is a Work in Progress

Happiness is a Work in Progress One of the greatest things about life is that we get a new opportunity to try again every day. This can be a blessing because if things didn’t go your way, you can alway try again tomorrow. Tomorrow will always give you a second chance to be better, whether … Continue reading Happiness is a Work in Progress→
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