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Improving mental wellness through kyndfulness.

Kyndfulness includes volunteering, intentional acts of kyndness and gratitude.


Everyone has an opportunity to improve their mental wellness every day.


Project Helping organizes volunteer events specifically designed to make an impact — both on you and your community. Through volunteering, participants actively invest in their communities while also reaping the benefits of increased mental wellness.  We create and practice kyndfulness!


Helping others, making an impact, and being a part of a community. These are foundational elements to who we are and what drives happiness. When we lose any of these elements, our mental wellness suffers. We provide an engaging and meaningful way to build these elements and improve mental wellness.


First, we carefully select partner organizations that allow us to provide impactful, social, and easy to join volunteer events. Next, we provide these events at different times and locations for a variety of essential causes. Finally, you get involved, making a lasting impression on your community and your own mental wellness.  Find a project and sign up today!



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Justin Kruger

Justin Kruger

Project Helping Founder

I founded Project Helping based on my personal experience with mental wellness. Like many people living with a mental health challenge, no one close to me knew I was struggling. I had a great job. I was successful. It seemed like I had everything – and truly I did. But privately, I was struggling.

Then, something completely unexpected happened. I was invited to volunteer. It happened to be at a point in my life when I was really struggling. I had no clue that experience would not only change my approach to my own mental wellness but also change my life trajectory. Volunteering immediately provided an outlet for me. The more I volunteered, the better I felt. The better I felt, the more I started to realize that volunteering was helping me improve my mental wellness.

This experience inspired me to dig deeper into the wellness benefits of volunteering. I found two things. First, there was a great deal of research that supported the mental wellness benefits of volunteering. This part was no surprise. Second, I found no one had created a way to really leverage these mental health benefits.

So that was the lightbulb moment! I was inspired to share what I had learned through my personal experience. That is where Project Helping started. We built this simple, elegant and impactful organization to leverage the mental wellness benefits of volunteering. Our goal was to make it incredibly simple to get involved in projects that are hand-selected to be the most impactful, hands-on project possible.

I am incredibly grateful for the amazing support we’ve received along the way. We are a few years in, making an impact and having a blast. But we’re just getting started. Join in, there’s room for everyone!

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