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Year In Review

Our world has changed dramatically over the past two years. COVID has overtaken our daily lives and forced us to adapt and change how we interact with the world. While impacting the physical health of so many, it has also created a mental health pandemic as everyone has been forced to alter how we find our sense of connection and purpose.

Project Helping's mission is to provide that very sense of connection and purpose vital to our mental well-being. It has never been more challenging to execute our mission in our ten years. Yet, despite the vast and unique challenge, our team continued to provide innovative and valuable mental health resources for our community.

Volunteering provides a deep sense of purpose and connection. Our focus has always been to make volunteering ridiculously accessible so everyone can benefit from the mental health benefits of serving others. Over the past two years, we have reshaped our organization to capitalize on two delivery mechanisms for our mission.

Our in-person programs team has grown and innovated at every step, providing almost 400 community-based volunteer experiences in 2021. This allowed over 2000 people to improve their mental wellness. In addition to the Denver Metro area, we successfully launched in Phoenix and saw substantial growth in our San Diego market. In 2022, we expect to launch in New York and San Francisco!

With so many working remotely and staying home, we exponentially grew our Kynd Kit program to deliver volunteer projects via mail anywhere in the world. As a result, our team shipped over 80,000 volunteer projects to every state in the U.S. and over 40 different countries. In addition, we hosted over 300 virtual Kynd Kit builds to bring people together worldwide.

Collectively, almost 70,000 people participated in Project Helping programming. Those 70,000 people improved their mental wellness while impacting nearly half a million people with their volunteer efforts.

None of this impact is possible without the generous support of our donors, corporate partners, and foundations. Collectively, that support, the leadership of our board, and the tireless work of our team have yielded unprecedented impact. On behalf of our board, our team, and myself, I extend our deepest gratitude. We could not do any of this work without our entire community. Here's to continued growth and impact in 2022.

Justin Kruger
Founder and CEO

The Impact Totals

0 +

at Project Helping hosted, community-based volunteer experiences.

volunteer events

hosted by Project Helping at over 40 community nonprofit partners.

Kynd Leaders

led volunteer experiences for Project Helping in the community.

Kynd Kits shipped
0 +

to every state in the US and over 40 countries around the world.

Kynd Kit participants
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received Kynd Kits and build something for someone in need in our community.

of people
0 %

reported that volunteering with Project Helping directly improved their mental wellness. 

total volunteers

participated in Project Helping volunteer experiences.

volunteer hours

were given back to the community by Project Helping volunteers.

people impacted
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by Project Helping’s mission by volunteering or benefiting from Project Helping’s volunteer efforts in the community.



Kynd Life

Kynd Life Events: 362 Goal: 400
In-Person Program Participants: 2010 Goal: 2500
Active Kynd Leaders Goal: 50
Kynd Club Events Goal: 200
Kynd U Events Goal: 36
Emily's Light Events Goal: 12

Despite the challenges that COVID presented for in-person events, our programs team did an amazing job hosting safe, small gatherings to impact the mental wellness of our volunteer. 

Kynd Kits

Kits Shipped: 78,571 Goal: 50,000
Revenue: $2,004,481 Goal: 750,000

Kynd Kits more than doubled our previous year’s total of kits shipped and revenue. 


Total Users: 54,000 Goal: 75,000
Corporate Members: 12 Goal: 15

KyndHub continues to provide a free, online, accessible community for people to come together and share their kyndness. 


Total Revenue: $2,550,000 Goal: 1,500,000

For the second consecutive year, Project Helping more than doubled our revenue. The majority of this growth comes from our corporate partners and their interest in Kynd Kits. 


Financial Overview

Revenue Growth

Project Helping has recorded revenue growth for the fifth consecutive year going over $2.5 million in revenue in 2021.

Revenue Growth

Kynd Life Programs

In-person Programming

A Kynd Leader is a Project Helping ambassador who leads regular volunteer events. 

Learn about being a Kynd Leader

Find a volunteer experience designed to improve your mental wellness. 

Find a Volunteer Experience

Volunteer experiences designed for teens by teens. 

Find a Volunteer Experience

Volunteer experiences designed for children and families. 

Find a Volunteer Experience

Experiences designed to improve maternal mental wellness. 

Kynd Kits

Kyndness Delivered

Kynd Kits are the perfect team building activity. They are volunteer projects that can be done as a group. Bring your team together in person, or virtually, to make an impact.

Learn more about Kynd Kits for work

Kynd Kits are great for an individual, group of friends, or family. Kits can be ordered in any quantity and delivered anywhere. 

Learn more about Kynd Kits for home

The Kynd Mobile is like an ice cream truck for Kynd Kits. We can bring it to any event or gathering and have Kynd Kits available onsite. 

Learn more about the Kynd Mobile

Imagine having an open bar at your event, but instead of drink, we serve kyndness! That’s the Kynd Bar. 

Learn more about the Kynd Bar

Get a different kit sent to you automatically every month. 

Check out the subscription options

Kynd Hub

An Online Community

Use KyndHub to engage your employees in your social mission. Track hours, create challenges, and make more impact. 

Learn about KyndHub for your Organization

Join KyndHub for free! Find volunteer events, engage with peers, and make an impact – on the community and your mental wellness. 

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Project Helping is proud to announce that IvySky has joined the Project Helping family. Ivy Sky is a by-teens-for-teens program that provides teens an opportunity to volunteer their time to help other teens and build meaningful mechanisms to provide real-time resources to teens in need.
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