Best Apps For Mental Health

Top 5 Apps for Maintaining Mental Health – $5 and Under

Maintaining mental wellness can be difficult. Luckily, there are a variety of apps that can make it a little easier to care for your mental wellness on a daily basis. These apps are designed to release stress, help with disorders such as depression and anxiety, or create a daily mindfulness habit.  All the apps on this list are $5 or less, although some might include in-app purchases. Most are available on both Android and IOS and all of these apps have a web version.

Pacifica (Free to download)

Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and meditation, Pacifica gives you tools to deal with stress and anxiety. the app offers a variety of types of tools including mood tracking, mindfulness exercises, and goal setting. Users are also able to connect to a community through Pacifica.

Happify (Free to download)

Happify guides users on a path to help them “feel happier”. The app includes meditations, mini games, and exercises that target negative feelings and help the user to eliminate them. As you use Happify, the app will customize the path based on how you approach the activities. It’s easy and fun to use which makes it perfect for daily use.

Smiling Mind (Free)

This app aims to introduce you to mindfulness meditation and make it a daily habit. Smiling mind has programs for all ages. It also has specific ones for targeted situations such as sports or work. Daily sessions last around 10 minutes.

7 Cups of Tea (Free to download)

7 Cups of Tea is a mobile therapy app. You can talk to a trained counselor (called a “listener”) via this app. While it’s not a substitute for live therapy, 7 Cups of Tea makes talking to someone easy and accessible for moments when you can’t see a therapist. You can choose your listener for each session, which makes it easy if you are looking to talk to someone who knows what you are going through.

Headspace (Free to Download)

Headspace is an easy to use meditation app that works for all levels: whether you have practiced meditation before or are just getting started. The app will also give you reminders and notifications that will help guide you through the day.

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