Broken for a Reason

What if we are all a little broken for a reason?

You’ve heard it before. “We all struggle with something.” “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind.” “We are all broken. That’s how the light gets in.” These are uplifting, comforting thoughts. And likely all true, to differing degrees.

You’d never know it. We live in a society where we put our best foot forward. Our online personas are highlighted by our most recent successes. The latest vacation pictures. Our perfect families. The promotion. And tons and tons of uplifting inspirational quotes.

Oh, and the occasional home-based-definitely-not-a-pyramid-scheme testimonial.

But can we all admit, that if we were being really transparent, really honest, that we’d post more stuff about how we struggle? We’d post about our shitty days. We’d post about how we feel like we are fake and living someone else’s life sometimes.

We would say out loud that sometimes we feel trapped in our lives, trapped by the decisions we’ve made, or trapped by things we have absolutely no damn control over.

We are all truly a little broken in one way or another. But maybe that’s for a reason.

Truly, we all have things we struggle with. Sometimes, those things are caused by an event. Sometimes, they aren’t and we can’t really understand why we feel the way we do. Sometimes, it’s a combination of both, all, many, or none of the things that happen to us.

If we start from this understanding, that we all struggle a little, or a lot, we can understand why this might be on purpose. When we approach our interactions with this understanding, we are more open to asking for help. We are open to accepting help from someone else who we also know is a little broken.

What’s more? We are all more open to seeking ways to help others. We would go through the world looking for opportunities to serve others, to be kind, and to empathize.

THAT is the point. We are all a little broken for a reason. We are all a little broken because it allows us to ask for help. It allows us to GIVE help. Then, we can all heal together. We can all fill in the spots where each other are broken. We become whole – together.



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