Everything is Better with Two: The Volunteering Buddy System

The phrase “buddy system” probably reminds you of elementary school. Back then, it was used to help keep everyone together and make sure that no one got left behind while on a field trip or an outing. But no matter how old you are, the buddy system can still be a great idea, especially while volunteering for your mental wellness. Here are 5 ways that having a volunteer buddy can improve your experience and your mental health.



volunteering buddy system

1) Built-in Support System

Going through stuff on your own can be tough. Everyone needs support sometimes. Having a mental health and volunteering buddy allows you offer each other support. When things get tough, it helps to have someone you can talk to and volunteer with. It can be hard to get out of the house when struggling with depression, which can make going to volunteer events hard. By having a volunteer buddy, you can help each other be motivated to get out in the community!

2) More People Means a Bigger Impact

There can never be too many people trying to make the world a better place! At most volunteer events, having two people is always better than having just one. Double the people means that you can accomplish twice the work and make a bigger impact in the world. At events like Project C.U.R.E. where you sort medical supplies, it is much easier to work together than solo.

3) Reduces Social Anxiety

Volunteering can be a little stressful sometimes. Maybe there is traffic or you can’t find the location where you are supposed to check in. Doing something for the first time, especially with new people, can produce social anxiety. Going to volunteer events with another person can help reduce that social anxiety. That way, you’ll have someone to call if you get lost and need directions.

4) Good Conversation

One of the best parts about a volunteer event is chatting with like-minded people while making a difference. Volunteers at Project Helping events come into it with a desire to work on their mental health; events often involve people swapping stories about their mental health journeys. By using the buddy system while volunteering, you and your buddy can both have a great time meeting new people.

5) Everything is Better Together

Everything is better with two! Sometimes chatting with others and getting out of your head can turn a bad day around. Every volunteer event offers a social experience with like-minded people. Sometimes others can be a great resource if you need more coping mechanisms. By bonding with others, you can also build a support system for yourself for when things get tough. Volunteering in pairs offers you a great support system and makes the experience a lot more fun!


Need a volunteer buddy? Sign up for your next event to meet new people or comment below to connect with other volunteers.

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