Who We Are

Project Helping is a mental wellness organization. We improve mental wellness through the practice of kyndfulness. The pillars of kyndfulness include volunteering, acts of kyndness, and gratitude. We partner with nonprofits to provide over 500 volunteer experiences per year.

What Is A Community Partner

We partner with organizations in a number of ways. If you are holding a conference or event, we can have a booth, speak, or provide on-site kyndfulness experiences. These are just a few examples of how we can partner. Have another idea? We are all ears!

We are always looking for new, amazing community partners to work with!

Life with Depression

Jaci's Story

We Want To


Are you having an event and are looking for mental wellness experts? Do you need to build a social impact experience into your event? Or do you have some other amazing idea of how we can work together? We'd love to hear from you.
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