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Autonomy: Creating a Workplace with Freedom

Creating a workplace full of happiness.

Making sure people understand the meaning behind their projects will help with autonomy but if they don’t know the meaning, they are less likely to put in as much effort if they are given the freedom to do it at their own time.

At Project Helping instead of having a mission statement for our office, we have a culture statement:

  • Honesty: Be honest with each other at all costs
  • Accountability: Be accountable to those we serve, each other, and our supporters.
  • Innovation: Always look for ways to do it better. Be creative. Be original. Keep it simple.
  • Collaboration: Work effectively and efficiently by using the skills, passions, and ideas of those around you.
  • Contagious Happiness: Do your work with joy and share that joy with those we serve, each other and our supporters.
  • Self Care: Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

Our mission statement makes it so if you live by our mission statement and values, the more you can achieve and the more you can make a positive impact on yourself and those around you.

Project Helping envisions a world where everyone has access to the tools necessary to use volunteering as a means to improve mental wellness.
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