Conscious Alliance

Conscious Alliance feeds families in communities that need it. Our iconic ALLIANCE of bands, brands, artists, and fans use their time and talents to make it all happen.

Our ALLIANCE comes together to bring food and other essential goods directly to economically-isolated communities across the country. By partnering with schools, pantries, and other organizations working in the hearts of neighborhoods and remote areas including Native American reservations, we’ve been able to deliver 11 million meals and counting to kids, families, disaster victims, and those experiencing homelessness.

By purchasing one of our kits, your are helping to support our mission. For the $70, an additional $5 for this kit is a direct donation to our organization.

Corporate Orders

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How to use Kynd Kits

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Individual Orders

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The Journey of a Kynd Kit

What is a Kynd Kit and how does it work?
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