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What is it?

Y[our] Moment specializes in providing corporate training that focuses on reducing mental health challenges in the workplace. When organizations reach out to us for our training program, we provide an overview of the existing mental health environment and the various types of stigma attached.

We then focus on storytelling as a method to share and empower employees regarding mental and emotional challenges with colleagues and management team in a safe and open workplace.

Why is it Important?

Instead of a world where people feel afraid and ashamed, we’re placing mental health discussions as a priority. Social stigma keeps people from seeking mental health services.

Depression is also the leading cause of disability in America. Gone untreated, depression causes enormous psychological, social, and occupational costs- with annual losses in productivity in excess of $31 billion.

How does it work?

Through guided training, employees learn how to share their stories regarding mental health and are provided with a mental health communication plan- crafted specifically for your organization.

Storytelling tools and mental health resources are integrated both before and after the in-person training to ensure individuals feel safe, well-informed, and empowered.

How to Book

How to Book

The base session includes manager training and one employee session for up to 60 people. If you would like to train more than 60 employees, include an add-on session for each additional group of 60 people. Travel fees may apply if the training is to take place outside of Colorado.

Meet Kat

Kat Atwell

Kat Atwell

Education and Program Director

Kat was lucky enough to get involved in the kyndfulness movement when Project Helping took over Y[our] Moment in 2019. By candidly sharing her lived experience with panic, anxiety, bipolar, and negative self-talk, Kat has learned to transform these difficult and sensitive topics in such a way they don’t seem so scary and alien.

Additionally, Kat is extremely active in the storytelling and comedy communities around town. She has been a Denver StorySLAM champion and performed on stages all over Colorado as an improviser, stand-up comic, and storyteller.

“I love the mission of Project Helping, and I’m thrilled to be a part of a team that seeks to directly help people by giving them a purpose, be it through volunteering, storytelling, or a combination of both.  I love to help others and empower people living with mental illness to be unafraid to share their stories.”

When she’s not working in the office, at an event, or onstage, Kat enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves all things crafty, and can frequently be found buried under a pile of yarn, acrylic paint, fake flowers, or scrapbook paper. She is a huge fan of karaoke, a voracious reader, and loves to take scenic drives around Colorado.

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