All-Inclusive Corporate Volunteer Experiences


At Project Helping, we’re pretty much experts at all things volunteering. That includes planning and executing your corporate volunteering opportunities!

Whether it’s a national day of service or an individual event, we offer a complete solution to your corporate volunteering and Corporate Social Responsibility needs.


Match your volunteers to an impactful project and schedule the event
Finding volunteer events can be hard. We have a great network of nonprofits to choose from. Not only will we find an impactful event, but we’ll schedule it for you with your input on the best date.

Create an event posting in your company hub on KyndHub
Once we’ve chosen the perfect event, we will create an event listing your volunteers to register. Then all you have to do is log in to KyndHub and with one click they are in! Let us know what information you need and we’ll customize the sign up form for your event.

Communicate volunteer project details directly to volunteers
It’s important that your volunteers know what to expect the day of the event. Let us handle getting all the nitty-gritty details to them so they’re fully prepared for an impactful day.

Coordinate the day-of event logistics
There are a lot of details to consider when planning an event. We will handle everything from where to park, what to bring and how to get there. We will ensure that you, your volunteers, and the host site are all on the same page. We have been at every nonprofit partner site that we work with and know all the details!

Impact tracking and marketing platform
Not only can we help you plan a great event, we can help you share your impact with the world. Use KyndHub, our proprietary platform, to gameify, socialize, and publicize your corporate volunteering efforts. We have taken our best practices for building great volunteer experiences and building mental fitness and incorporated it into our platform for you!


Why do we charge?

Our mission is to help people improve their mental wellness by practicing kindfulness. As planning a detailed group event for our corporate partners takes a bit of planning, research, and time, that’s where the cost comes in. That donation will help us further our mission and make an even bigger impact through supporting our current events and the programs we provide for the community.

What is KyndHub?

KyndHub is a social network built by Project Helping. Your employees are encouraged to volunteer, do acts of kindness, and express gratitude. When they post these things with great pictures and their own words, it also creates real-time tracking for you.

We partner with companies to build kindfulness into their company culture. By using KyndHub, our clients build amazing mental fitness for their employees while supporting the ongoing mission of Project Helping.

Learn More About KyndHub

How far in advance should we plan?

Ideally, we would start planning your event 90 days in advance. We are flexible with this number, but the larger the group, the more notice that is generally needed. So don’t delay….let’s get started.

What if we have employees in different locations?

We can help you plan events at different locations on the same day!

How do we get started?

Use the contact form at the bottom of this page, or click on the get started buttons on the pricing plans. Either way, you’ll be connected with a member of our team who will be in touch to get started planning your day.


  • $150
  • We Find an Event
  • We Create the Event
  • Volunteer Communication
  • KyndHub Impact Tracking
  • 15-30 VOLUNTEERS
  • $300
  • We Find an Event
  • We Create the Event
  • Volunteer Communication
  • KyndHub Impact Tracking
  • $500
  • We Find an Event
  • We Create the Event
  • Volunteer Communication
  • KyndHub Impact Tracking



Ready to get started planning a great day?! We are too! Send us some info. We are excited to connect.

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