Project Helping offers a full suite of volunteer experiences for any group size. We will research volunteer experiences that fit your group, plan the events, and manage the volunteers.

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We will plan every aspect of your group volunteer experiences.
  1. Fill out the Group Volunteer Event Request Form.
  2. We will research experiences that match your request. 
  3. You approve the experiences you like. 
  4. We create the event listing, manage sign ups, and provide all of the details to your volunteers. 
What You Get

Some Important Numbers

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Per Volunteer

Pricing starts at $25 per volunteer per event. Pricing may vary depending on the options you choose to customize your event. 

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Support for Project Helping

100% of your fee is used by Project Helping to provide free mental health programming in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

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While each event is different, there are some things that are the same for each event. Every event is hands-on. We have chosen events where you will see the significance of your work as you do it.

Every event is a group event, meaning you will volunteer with people who have signed up through Project Helping.

Our first priority is the volunteer. We work hard to ensure that every event creates a memorable and impactful experience for the volunteer. You will spend time with amazing people while also making difference in the community in a fun, engaging environment.

As a nonprofit, we strive to make as large of an impact as possible. When you choose Project Helping as your scheduling service, your donation allows us to further our mission of improving mental wellness by providing accessible experiences, and that creates a ripple effect within the community. Your donation goes towards providing materials and food, ride shares, and other operation costs that allow us to make volunteering as inclusive as possible for the general public, in turn aiding others’ mental wellness while also providing support to our Nonprofit Partners.

Cancelations must be made within two weeks of the event. If not, your donation will be due, donated to the Nonprofit Partner or Project Helping.

Events held at Nonprofit Partners require all individuals to be vaccinated. Valid exemption cards are not accepted, as our partners work with at-risk communities.


Events held through Project Helping do not require vaccination, but it is requested that unvaccinated individuals wear a mask in consideration of others.

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