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Volunteering Delivered

Volunteering is good for you. Kynd Kits provide everything you need to impact someone else and your own mental wellness. Follow the instructions below to place your order and participate in this program.

Let’s Make An Impact As Lauren Bonaca’s Team! Join Us For A Great Opportunity To Make A Positive And Meaningful Impact In Our Community While Team Bonding.


About the Kynd Kits Initiative

Project Helping, an organization focused on improving mental wellness through acts of kindness, has introduced Kynd Kits. These are themed care packages designed to support various causes such as chemo care, disaster relief, autism support, and more. Each kit contains essential items and heartfelt messages to uplift individuals facing challenges.

How it works?

We have selected Children’s Hospital and Cancer Treatment to focus on and order the Kynd Kits to be shipped directly to our offices or to remote participants’ homes. Decorating and assembling the kits will take approximately 30-60 minutes. Once completed, the kits will be distributed to local organizations supporting the chosen causes.

Next steps…

If you are based in the NYC make sure to RSVP and we will order the kits on your behalf. If you are a remote employee and/or not in NYC please fill out the form for us to send you a kit. We will host a zoom link during the event so you can partake. 

How to

place your order


1. Select Your Kit

Choose the kit(s) you would like to build.

2. Add It To Your Cart

Add the kit(s) to your cart.

3. Apply Discount Code

Make sure to use the discount code provided.

4. Check Out

Provide your shipping information.

Discount Code

Checkout with discount code: LaurensMarketingTeam2024
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If you have additional questions, please email us at [email protected] or chat online with the blue bubble in the bottom right corner.

Some kits require additional materials to complete. See the list below and select the kit you are providing to view the materials you will need. If you do not see your kit below, no additional items are needed.

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There are instructions included with each kit. Just follow along to build something meaningful for someone in need. 

Your company has decided on a distribution method. The instructions on how to distribute your completed kit will be included in your kit. 

You can! You can add additional kits to your cart. Your company discount code will cover a predetermined amount and you can pay for additional kits on your own. 

Project Helping is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to make it ridiculously easy to volunteer because doing so is good for your mental health. 

Not seeing your question? Visit our Help Center, or chat with us online through the blue bubble in the bottom right corner.

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