Direct or Local Distribution

Thank you for choosing to distribute directly or locally!
By doing so you eliminate one shipping trip, helping us
reduce our carbon footprint.

As many of our nonprofit partners workloads are packed giving back to our community, it is important to us at Project Helping to make sure they receive these kits with ease.

To ensure this, we have provided you with a checklist below to complete before sending it off. This includes quality controlling the kits, so we are donating them our best packages and impacting each recipient positively.
  • Kits are in Respective Containers:
    • Classic Kynd Kits are required to go to the nonprofit in the plastic bags. Please remove kits from boxes and recycle them
    • Plus and Max Kynd Kits will stay in the original boxes to be donated
  • Content is Inclusive: make sure there’s no reference to politics or religion
  • 3 Items Complete: for a kit to be deemed complete, at least three items are required to be completed / decorated
    • *if a kit does not have at least 3 complete items, please either finish the DIY items or don’t include it in final shipment to nonprofit
  • Flashcards: If flashcards are included in the kits, it is required that these are fully completed before shipping to the recipient organization
  • Remove all Markers
  • Remove the Following: Remove Pollinate Cards, Instruction Sheets (Mental Health Benefits) and the blue Register your Kit cards.

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Your Corporate Program Manager should have sent you an email with your labels. If this has been buried in your inbox no worries! Email your Program Manager  or our [email protected] and we can resend your shipping labels.

We encourage you to be keep boxes and use them however you can; however, we understand that most of you have a plethora of kits and can’t use them all! Please recycle the boxes you aren’t able to reuse.

Here are some examples of how they can be reused:

  • storage
  • organizers
  • gift boxes
  • temporary planters
  • decorated as a toy laptop
  • cat bed

These are for you – the volunteers! Keep these cards and follow the instructions on them to spread kyndness in your community. 

We encourage you to write a personal message to the nonprofit you are donating your kits to. Let them know which company created the kits, and express your support of their organization!