Do Good Badges

Earn our Project Helping badges to make it super easy for volunteers to communicate, join and learn about your organization.

Earn Badges

Hover over each card to learn more.

Mental Wellness

Volunteering improves your mental wellness. By creating an experience that enhances the feelings of purpose and connection, your volunteers will get the most out of their service.

Easy Sign-Up

By making it easy for volunteers to navigate your website and registration process, you are more likely to increase your number of volunteers.

Fee or Donation

This badge marks an event that requires a fee or a suggested donation. 

Recurring Opportunity

This event has regular scheduling that may happen once a day, week, or month.


Making the volunteer experience as easy as possible, and as impactful as possible, you increase the mental wellness benefits of volunteering for the participants. 

Community Connection

You earn the Community Connection Badge by partnering with us and listing your volunteer event on our volunteer platform. That's it!

Group Experiences

Offering group volunteer opportunities is important to increase the amount of reach you have in your community. 

Kynd Kit Partner

Become a recipient of one of our Kynd Kits and earn this badge! We are open to create new kits that serve your community, if you don't see one that matches with your organization. 

Virtual Volunteer

Have a virtual volunteer event to earn this badge! This could be anything from asking for translations of documents, website help, or even a Kynd Kit build. 


Introducing your organization and sharing the impact you have on the cause you serve, with your volunteers, makes their experience even more important.

Great Communication

By making it easy for volunteers to communicate with your organization, you are more likely to increase your positive experience with volunteers.

Family Friendly

Being able to sign up other family members regardless of age is possible, and the activity is appropriate for all ages.

One Off Opportunity

This is a "one and done" volunteer event that does not have a regular scheduling.


To earn this badge, the event must be as accessible as possible, for as many different types of people as possible.