Who We Are

Project Helping is a mental wellness organization. We improve mental wellness through the practice of kyndfulness. The pillars of kyndfulness include volunteering, acts of kyndness, and gratitude. We partner with nonprofits to provide over 500 volunteer experiences per year.

What We Do

We partner with nonprofits to provide meaningful, social, and accessible volunteer experiences. Typically, our relationships include recurring, monthly, volunteer experiences for groups of 10-25. Each of our volunteer experiences is led by a trained Kynd Leader. This ensures that our volunteers have an amazing experience and our nonprofit partners get the most out of the volunteer help.

We are always looking for new, amazing nonprofit partners who can provide meaningful volunteer experiences for our groups. 

We Want To


Are you a nonprofit? Do you need volunteers? Do you want to create a mutually beneficial relationship?! Us too! Contact us so we can make it happen.