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Environmental Impact [+]

Plus Kynd Kit

Gratitude Practice

Let's start by taking a moment to practice gratitude.
  • What part of nature are you grateful for and why?

  • What is your favorite outdoor activity and why?

The Reason

The Environmental Impact Kit is a unique kit as it is designed to be kept by YOU. Its focus is on the environment and our personal footprint.

Unpack the Box

  • Take everything out of the box.
  • Lay everything out so you can find what you need to build the kit.

Find the Kynd Card

This is for you to spread extra kyndness to someone in your own life.  Consider writing a note to a friend, loved one, or colleague that you are grateful for.  Address the note and send it in the mail or give it to someone in person.

DO NOT include this in the finished kit.

One Tree Planted

For each Environmental Impact [+] kit purchased, a tree will be planted with One Tree Planted, an environmental tree planting charity that plant trees in countries around the world. One dollar plants one tree.

Decorate the Canvas Tote

1. Find the following items:
  • Canvas Tote
  • Markers
2. Decorate the canvas tote:
  • Use the enclosed markers to decorate the tote.
  • Make the canvas tote fun and colorful.
    * TIP: Can’t think of what to write, draw a picture!

Decorate the Flower Pots

1. Find the following items:
  • Flower Pots
  • Markers
  • Paint Pens
2. Decorate the flower pots

Plant the Seeds

1. Find the following items:
  • Seed packets
  • Decorated flower pots
  • Soil pellets
2. Find your work gloves
3. Add two soil pellet to each flower pot
4. Place 3-5 seeds in each pot
5. Water soil pellets with approximately 1/3 to 1/2 cup water
6. Allow soil to drain

Tend to Your Seeds

  • Place mesh bags with seeds in a well-lit, warm environment.
  • Check the soil frequently. Keep the soil moist. Add water approximately every 1-2 days.
  • Once sprouted, thin seedlings by removing the smallest sprouts, leaving just one sprout to grow.
  • Once the seedling has three to four leaves, plant in a larger container/pot or outside in a garden. Use additional soil as needed.
  • Continue to water frequently.

Decorate the Drawstring Bag

1. Find the following items:
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Markers
2. Decorate the drawstring bag with the enclosed markers

*Tip: place a small piece of paper in the drawstring bag before decorating. This will prevent the marker from bleeding to the other side.

Decorate the Bird House

1. Find the following items:
  • Bird house
  • Markers or paint pens
2. Decorate the bird house with the supplied items to keep in a nearby tree

Make a Bee Bath

A bee bath is a simple bee water feeder that you can add to your garden or outdoor space. It’s a way of attracting pollinating guests to your yard over and over again.
1. Find the following items:
  • Small reusable planter tray
  • Rocks
  • Additional material (optional)
2. Wash the tray and rocks to be sure they are free from any pesticides.
3. Place the included rocks into the tray. These will provide a place for the bees to land near the water. (Optional: Add additional material to the bee bath, such as sticks or additional stones).
4. Later, fill the container with water and place it outside near plants or a garden. Refill it frequently to continuously attract bees to your space.

Reusable Straw

  • Most plastic straws simply break into ever-smaller particles, releasing chemicals into the soil, air, and water that are harmful to animals, plants, people, and the environment.
  • Take this reusable straw with you when you are on the go and prevent the use of additional plastics in the environment.

Delivery Options

This kit is designed for you to keep or distribute yourself to someone you know. Here are some ideas:

  • Keep the reusable tote bag or give it to someone in your community who would enjoy it.
  • Keep the reusable drawstring bag or give it to a friend or someone you appreciate.
  • Keep the reusable straw or pass it along to a friend.
  • Hang your bird house in a nearby tree

Share Your Impact

Post your experience on KyndHub.

KyndHub is an online community that gamifies volunteering, acts of kindness, and gratitude.

  1. Go to or download the free app.
  2. Create a free account or log in.
  3. Select “I Built a Kynd Kit” from the post menu.
  4. Post about your kit.


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