Environmental Impact [+]

Plus Kynd Kit

One Tree Planted

For each Environmental Impact [+] kit purchased, a tree will be planted with One Tree Planted, an environmental tree planting charity that plants trees in countries around the world. One dollar plants one tree.

Clean Up Your Neighborhood

We encourage you to use the garden gloves in your kit to go pick up trash. Take an hour out of your day, grab a trash bag, go on a walk, and pick up the neighborhood around you. Thank you for making a difference in your community! 

Decorate Canvas Tote

Every year, American’s throw away 100 billion plastic grocery bags. Decorate the tote bag and use it in replace of plastic bags.Tip: place a piece of paper in the tote before decorating. This will prevent the marker from bleeding through the tote.

DIY Wildflower Seed Bomb

Scatter them where you want them to grow (preferably on top of soil or compost), and let nature do the rest.Builder Tip* You should have enough supplies to create 2-3 seed bombs. 

Make a Bee Bath

A bee bath is a simple bee water feeder that you can add to your garden or outdoor space. It’s a way of attracting pollinating guests to your yard over and over again.

1. First step you will need to find some rocks from outside. Wash the small planter tray and rocks to be sure they are free from any pesticides.

2. Place the  rocks into the tray. These will provide a place for the bees to land near the water. (Optional: Add additional material to the bee bath, such as sticks or additional stones).

3. Fill the container with water and place it outside near plants or a garden. Refill it frequently to continuously attract bees to your space.

DIY Butterfly Feeder

1. Find the following items:
  • Compressed Sponge (4.75×2.95 in.)
  • Twine
  • Sugar water
2. Bring two cups of water to a boil.
3. Stir in one cup of white sugar.
4. Mix until the sugar is dissolved.
5. Allow the mixture to cool completely.
6. Soak the sponge in the homemade sugar water and allow it to expand completely.
7. Wrap the twine around the sponge so that it cinches in the middle, and tie a knot. Be sure to leave some extra length of twine attached to hang the feeder from. 
8. Hang outside from a branch or awning.
8. Check often and Re-soak with sugar water as needed.

DIY Bee House or Bird Feeder

Bee House

1. Decorate the tin can using the paint pens. 

2. Cut the straws to fit inside the tin can. Use the loose leaf paper to make more straws by wrapping the paper around a pencil or pen for sizing. Fill the tin can with the paper straws and the paper rolls you made

3. Tie the twine around the bee house and hang outside! 

Bird Feeder

1. Decorate the tin can using the paint pens. 

2. Glue a paper straw into the tin can, making sure enough of the straw is coming out of the can so birds can perch on it to eat. 

3. Tie the twine around the bird feeder, fill with bird seeds, and hang it outside! 

before bee

Bee House 

Bird Feeder

Reusable Items to Prevent the Use of Additional Plastics

  • Take this reusable straw with you when you are on the go and prevent the use of additional plastics in the environment.
  • Use the reusable ziploc bags for. your snack or leftovers
  • Take the produce bags with you on your next grocery run to put your fresh fruits and vegetables in.

Delivery Options

This kit is designed for you to keep or distribute yourself to someone you know. 

Thank You for Volunteering!

Share your experience! We would love to hear from you in a video or written message.
We also encourage you to take this survey to help us continue improving mental health and serving our community!
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Dollars for Doers​

If your company offers a Dollars for Doers program, you can submit the time you spent building your Kynd Kit to benefit Project Helping.

Official Name: Project Helping

Website: ProjectHelping.org

EIN/Tax ID: 45-2442366

Nonprofit Classification: 501(c)(3)

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