Essential Worker Gratitude

Classic Kynd Kit

Gratitude Practice

Let's start by taking a moment to practice gratitude.
  • In a recently changed world, what essential jobs have had the most impact on you and your family and why?

  • What is something in your life that is now being provided by an essential worker that you are grateful for that you have otherwise taken for granted?

The Recipient

Essential workers are on the frontlines each day which can be exhausting and oftentimes seem like a thankless job. Essential workers need to know they are appreciated during this scary, uncertain time.
We have included items in your Essential Worker Gratitude Kits that could help those on the frontlines as they work tirelessly to meet our needs.

The Reason

After a long shift or two, our essential workers are exhausted both physically and mentally. This kit can help lift their spirits and know we are grateful for their work.

Unpack the Box

  • Take everything out of the box.
  • Lay everything out so you can find what you need to build the kit.

Create Your Kynd Code

Please follow the instructions on this card to create your own Kynd Code. This Kynd Code will be included in the final kit.

*Make note of your Kynd Code. You will use this code at the end of the project. 

Find the Kynd Card

This is for you to spread extra kyndness to someone in your own life.  Consider writing a note to a friend, loved one, or colleague that you are grateful for.  Address the note and send it in the mail or give it to someone in person.

DO NOT include this in the finished kit.

Write a Note to the Recipient

1. Find the following items:
  • Blank card and matching envelope
  • Stickers
  • Crayons
2. Write your letter and decorate the card.
  • Use the enclosed crayons, stickers, and pen to decorate the card.
    • Express your encouragement and include a hopeful message.
    • Decorate the front and the inside of the card.
      • Helpful Tips:
        • Do not include a date or year on the letter.
        • Avoid politics completely and religion in excess.
          * Can’t think of what to write, draw a picture!
3. Decorate the envelope.
  • Use the enclosed crayons, stickers, and pen to decorate the envelope that will hold your card.
    • Make it colorful and fun. Decorate the front and back of the envelope.
4. Put the completed card in the envelope you decorated. 
  • Include the Kynd Code sheet with the card.

DIY Stress Ball

1. Find the following items:
  • Three balloons
  • Two Play Dohs
  • Scissors (not provided)
2. Combine both Play-Dohs.
  • Take the Play-Dohs out of the containers.
  • Roll both Play Dohs into one large ball.
3. Cut the stem off of one of the balloons.
4. Take the ball of Play-Doh that you just created and insert it into the balloon that you just cut the stem off of.
5. Add a second balloon layer.
  • Cut the stem off of a second balloon.
  • Stretch the balloon over the ball in the opposite direction of the first balloon.
6. Final balloon layer.
  • Do not cut the stem off of the third balloon.
  • Stretch the third balloon over the ball.
7. Tie a knot in the stem of the balloon.
8. Cut off the excess stem of the balloon.
  • You now have a completed stress ball! Good work!

Inspiration Journal

1. Find the following items:
  • Journal
  • Crayons
  • Stickers
2. Decorate the journal.
  • Decorate the outside of the journal with a picture or uplifting message.
  • Decorate the journal pages.
    • Use random pages in the journal to write short uplifting messages, draw small colorful images, or create fun writing prompts for the recipient.

Pack the Kit

1. Pack the following items into the plastic bag.

– Do not include the Kynd Card.
– Make sure to write down your Kynd Code.

  • The card and envelope you decorated
  • The large white envelope you decorated
  • All included care package materials
  • Any optional items you want to add
– Personal care items
– Disinfectant wipes
– Protein rich snacks
– BPA-Free Water Bottle
– Caffeine-Free Tea (like Peppermint, Chamomile, Ginger and Lemon Tea)

Delivery Options

This kit has been designed to be self-distributed to an essential worker.
Example 1: Write a note on the outside of the white envelope and leave it out for your mail carrier, delivery driver, or garbage driver.
Example 2: Bring your finished kit to the store and give to those working the cash register or stocking the shelves.
These are just two examples of how to give your completed kynd kit out. Be creative in distributing your kit and give to any essential worker.

Share Your Impact

Post your experience on KyndHub.

KyndHub is an online community that gamifies volunteering, acts of kindness, and gratitude.

  1. Go to or download the free app.
  2. Create a free account or log in.
  3. Select “I Built a Kynd Kit” from the post menu.
  4. Post about your kit.


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