First Volunteer Project at Fresh Harvest Food Bank

Today was our first volunteer project at Fresh Harvest Food Bank in Lone Tree, CO. The mission of Fresh Harvest Food Bank is to provide nutrition, support, and education to families in need throughout Douglas County and surrounding areas. Fresh Harvest Food Bank provides support directly to local families as well as to other local non-profit agencies.


First, we sorted donated food for Fresh Harvest. While sorting the food, we ensured that none of the food had expired. After checking for freshness, we sorted the food into categories. After it is sorted, the food is inventoried and added to the supply in the warehouse.

imageWe pulled food from the warehouse to fill orders for families in need. These families get food from Fresh Harvest due to unforeseen circumstances in their lives. They may have had an unexpected family illness or a loss of a job.


We had a great group of six volunteers join our Project Helping event today. These amazing volunteers were with us for 2 1/2 hours to help to sort and prepare the donated food to help families in need.

Consequently, they made a tremendous impact in the community with just a few hours of their time.


It is always incredible to us how much of an effect a small group of volunteers can create in a short time. In just a few hours, six volunteers sorted and prepared hundreds of food items that will impact families in need.

Also, when we think of volunteer influence, we think about the work the volunteers did to impact the community. But did you know that volunteering also creates meaning to the volunteer?

Volunteering has unbelievable health benefits, which is why Project Helping exists.  Hence, we create engaging, fun, and social volunteer projects to leverage these amazing health benefits of helping others. Project Helping creates projects to have the best impact on the person doing the volunteer work.

Finally, if you want to join a volunteer project with Project Helping, check out our get involved page!

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