A Weekend’s Impact

Project Helping had a busy weekend! Today, we had two volunteer projects to bring us to a total of four volunteer projects in three days.

On Thursday morning, we had a group of six volunteers join us at Urban Peak. We visit Urban Peak twice a month to serve breakfast to the homeless youth that they serve. We provide a hot, healthy meal to about 100 youth. While this is an impactful event for both Urban Peak and their clients, it’s also meaningful for our volunteers.

There is nothing quite as impactful as preparing and providing a meal to someone who is unsure where their next one will come from. Because Urban Peak is one of our favorite projects to host, because our volunteers love coming. It’s amazing to work with the youth who call Urban Peak home are amazing people who inspire us all, every time we visit.

To follow that up, we had seven more volunteers join us Friday morning at Valdez Elementary School in Denver for a reading tutoring volunteer project. We partner with Reading Partners for a monthly volunteer project to provide reading tutors to elementary age students in Denver.

Reading is such a fundamental part of learning and to be able to provide help to these students to improve their reading level makes for an engaging and fun volunteer project. We have no doubt that our volunteers get as much – or more – our of this project as the kids get.

All of these projects make an incredible impact on the community…

Then today, we hosted two volunteer projects, at the same time, in two different cities.

First, we had 16 volunteers join us at Project CURE to take donated medical supplies. Our volunteers took supplies from local hospitals, sorted them, and packaged them to go to villages in the developing world. These life-saving medical supplies make their way all over the world to places that otherwise would not have them. In just three hours of work, our volunteer sorted and packaged enough supplies to support a village of 400 people for an entire YEAR!

At the same time that was happening, we had five more volunteers at Edgerton Community Outreach Center in Janesville, Wisconsin. Edgerton Community Outreach takes donations from the community and redistributes them to families in need in the local area.

As a result, all of these projects make an incredible impact on the community and those in need in those communities. But did you know that volunteering also creates an amazing impression on the people doing the giving? Volunteering has proven wellness benefits that include a dramatic and lasting effect on mental wellness. When you volunteer, you get to help others while also improving your own wellness.

Come join us for a volunteer project!

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