Give the Gift of Kyndfulness With Kynd Kits!

The holidays are approaching fast and the time of year for gift giving is upon us. Everywhere you look, you see ads offering the best gifts for him or the best gadgets for her. Giving holiday gifts is a great way to show your friends and family how much you care. But oftentimes the newest gadgets break and the coolest toys get forgotten about after the holidays are over. Are you looking for a more meaningful gift to give? Give the gift of kyndfulness by giving Kynd Kits as holiday gifts!

give the gift of kyndfulness with kynd kits

What’s a Kynd Kit?

A Kynd Kit is a DIY volunteer project that you can buy as a subscription box that is delivered right to your door each month. Each Kynd Kit has everything you need to make a meaningful impact in the world. The projects change month to month, so you have the opportunity to impact lots of different people and do good in many different areas. Some recent projects have been Cold Kits for people experiencing homelessness and Care Kits for drivers and seniors who benefit from Meals on Wheels. The project for December will be activity bags for kids at St. Jude’s Hospital.

Kynd Kits as Gifts

As a subscription box, Kynd Kits make ideal gifts because it is the gift that keeps on giving – in more ways than one! The recipient receives their first project box over the holidays but then, just when they think the holidays are over, they check the mail later in the year and are surprised with another Kynd Kit. With every new project, your friends and family will have the opportunity to DIY volunteer all year round. Even when the holidays end, they can continue to enjoy the holiday spirit of giving back.

In addition to doing good for others, Kynd Kits have the added benefit of helping the doer to improve their mental wellness. Doing volunteer projects and being kind to others are both ways of practicing Kyndfulness. When you volunteer and practice kyndfulness, it can boost your mood, improve your life, and help protect your brain against depression. Read more about the benefits of kyndfulness here!

Kynd Kits are the prefect holiday gift! Not only do you give your friends and family an opportunity to do good, you also help them feel good. Every project box offers a chance to impact others while also helping to prevent depression.


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