Happiness Starts with You!

Finding happiness can be challenging when there are so many external factors that try to bring you down. It is all too easy to focus on the stressful parts of life without taking the time to see the bright side. When you let the negativity in, you build neural pathways that your brain will return to again and again, making it easier for you to return to that negative place. Repeated negativity in response to a situation turns it into a habit. If you break the habit, you can rewire your neural pathways for positivity and therefore make yourself happier!


happiness quote: when you can't find the sunshine be the sunshine


The first thing to remember is that happiness starts with you! Your neural pathways are your responsibility. The first step to creating happier habits is to take responsibility for your own happiness. Let go of external factors by accepting the things that you cannot change. If you’re frustrated and sitting in traffic, keep in mind that you cannot control the traffic. Accept this and turn the experience around by jamming out to the radio or calling up a friend while you wait for the traffic to move along. By spinning frustrating situations into fun moment, you are rewiring your brain for happiness!

Social media often bogs us down when we see the amazing things that others are up to. Scrolling through glamorous photos can make us feel bad in comparison. In this situation, it is important to remember that everyone is doing their own thing at their own speed. We all have our individual strengths. Instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on what you do well. Also, keep in mind that no one lives glamorously all the time. We all have our awesome moments and our less than awesome moments. Everyone is doing their best and living life at their own speed.

Perhaps the best thing that you can do for your own happiness is to learn to let go. Ask yourself  “does this make me happy?” If the answer is no, consider letting it go. If a negative friend is bringing you down, consider distancing yourself from that person. Maybe you have a pair of nice jeans that make you feel ugly and worthless; it’s definitely time to throw out those jeans.

Just remember that you have control over your happiness. If something doesn’t make you happy, you have the power to do something about that. Every time you choose happiness, you are rewiring your neural pathways for more happiness!


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