Helping with Heart

If you follow Project Helping, you’re probably aware that there is a link between volunteering and well-being . Maybe you’re ready to jump in but aren’t sure where to begin. We’ve got your back! Start by finding out what volunteer project is the right fit for you. Should you sign up for a food bank or help clean up a park? What about helping out with maintenance at a local preschool? Any one of these activities would be helpful to the community, but impact greatly depends on you! Helping yourself and others comes from the heart.

Research suggests that those who benefit the most from volunteering do it primarily to help others, not to help themselves. According to Sara Konrath, PhD, this means you will get the most out of your volunteer project if you can identify with the cause. Therefore the project should be something you think is important and valuable. Not all that surprising! After all, who doesn’t feel satisfied by doing something he or she deems truly worthwhile?

Volunteering For A Cause You Connect With

If you think that nature is a wonder whose beauty should be accessible to all, then head to the woods and work on trails; or, find a time to pick up trash in a local park. If you’re planning a trip to San Diego you could even help with ocean cleanup at the upcoming Guymon Project! Nature plus ocean views with a great cause attached? Talk about a spectacular volunteer project.

What if nature isn’t in your top interests? Perhaps you enjoy children and education. Perfect! Then instead of volunteering for a park, pick a preschool or daycare facility like Little Angels, or Wishing Dreams. Help ensure that the children we serve can learn and play in a clean, well-kept environment.

Whatever you decide, make sure the goals of your chosen volunteer project fit with your passions. Find that specific cause you connect with and try it out.

Last thing, in case you are wondering about projects in your area other than those already mentioned, there are plenty of options to join here. Make the most impact by picking a project that you can really care about. Help yourself and others by helping with heart.

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