Immerse Your Life in Happiness

Successfully Creating a Life of Happiness

What would happen if someone called you right now telling you that you won the lottery?

$202 million in your pocket. I mean obviously you would think about purchasing a big house, getting that new car you have been eyeing, maybe buy a vacation home, get a completely new wardrobe, take more vacations, and give back to others.

Sound familiar?

But what does that tell you? You’re not happy in the life you’re living. Winning the lottery seems to be the only way you could live the life you wanted. You would change everything about your current life because you now have the money to do it. What if there was a way to create a life where you get all of those things that you long for? What if there was a way to create this while maintaining happiness? Thankfully there is a way to create this life. It comes with happiness, hard work, dedication and giving.

What Sparks Your Heart?

Many people think that you have to live a strenuous life just to make it to the top. Creating goals that lead to success can get us stuck in the way of thinking like: “Once I reach this goal, I’ll be successful!” I mean, it’s easy to think like that! Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. Many people will get themselves stuck in jobs where they are unhappy and dread going to work but continue go because it pays the bills. People get stuck around in friend groups who tear them down. If this is you, evaluate your life, your workplace. If there are only a few changes that a wellness program could conquer, fantastic! But, if it is more than just that, think of what happiness means to you.

Think about how you want to live when you’re 50, 60, 70 years old. How can you tailor your life to be able to have the life you want at that age while enjoying the road that leads to your ideal life? The answer isn’t always clear cut. Everyone has their own ideas of happiness. It is up to you to determine what sparks your heart!

Finding your niche of happiness helps in many ways. It not only helps you, but it helps others around you.

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