Ridiculously Easy Community Impact

Project Helping's mission is to make the mental health benefits of volunteering ridiculously accessible.

Dunder Mifflin partners with Project Helping to provide community impact options for your team, no matter where you are.

Ridiculously Easy
Community Impact

Project Helping’s mission is to make the mental health benefits of volunteering ridiculously accessible.

Dunder Mifflin partners with Project Helping to provide community impact options for your team, no matter where you are.


About Project Helping and Kynd Kits

Our Mission

Volunteering is good for your mental wellness. Our mission is to make it ridiculously easy to volunteer so it can be an accessible mental wellness tool.

How to Use Our Virtual Tour

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How to use Kynd Kits

Kynd Kits can be used in various ways. Use the toggles to learn how your team can use Kynd Kits wether they’re remote, in office, or hybrid!

Custom Landing Page

Our team will build you a free, custom-branded landing page where your participants can choose their kit and provide their shipping information directly. This page can include your logo and a custom message to your team. The kit selections on your page are limited to the kits you’d like your team to choose from. They use a custom discount code to check out; no payment information is required.

Bulk Order Upload

Already have all the shipping addresses and kit selections?! Great! Our team will bulk upload that information for you, so you don’t have to enter any data manually.

Kynd Kits are a turn-key solution for in-person events of all sizes!

Here are a few of the most popular ways we can engage your team for in-person volunteering with Kynd Kits.

Group Build

Simply choose a kit and provide a head count. Each participant will receive their own kit with 100% of the materials they need to build something for someone in need. This option is great for team building. Optionally, our team can host the build, provide an overview of Project Helping, kit building instructions, and be available to answer questions throughout the build.

Kynd Bar

Give your team a choice in the moment with our Kynd Bar program. Select 3 -5 different kits for your participants to choose from. This works great for breakouts and happy hours or when you want to provide participants a selection of kits to choose from. Optionally, have our team host the bar, answer questions, and guide participants in their kit selections. Click here to

Production Line

With our Kynd Kit X, volunteers can produce a large number of kits in a short time in a production line setting. Include customization stations to make the kit-making experience more meaningful and robust and extend the experience.

Conference or Large Events

Kynd Kits are the perfect way to engage guests in a meaningful moment during a conference or large company event.
We will customize the engagement to match the flow of the event.
– If space allows, we can create a booth setting for visitors to build kits during breaks or vendor times.
– Use the Kynd Bar to engage participants during a happy hour, in passing times, or on breaks.
– Use the Kynd Kit X for a quick volunteer experience built into the flow of your event.
Combine any of the existing program types listed to meet your social impact needs. Here are just a couple examples of the endless combinations we can create to meet your needs:

An in-office event and some remote employees.

We can bulk ship kits to office locations and and create a landing page for remote employees to select their kits to be shipped to their homes.

An in-office event with a Kynd Kiosk for future engagement.

We can bulk ship kits and a Kynd Kiosk to your office(s) with a Kynd Kiosk. Participants will build their kits on the day of the event, but also be introduced to the Kynd Kiosk as a way to give back any time they want, on their own, or with their teams.

Kynd Kit Pricing

Kynd Kit Classic

The Original Kynd Kit
$ 25 Per Kit
  • The Most Kit Options
  • Shipping Included
  • Customizable

Kynd Kit Plus

Bigger Kit. More Impact.
$ 45 Per Kit
  • All Classic Features
  • More Items Included
  • More Impact

Kynd Kit Max

The Biggest Kynd Kit!
$ 65 Per Kit
  • Our Biggest Kit
  • Maximum Impact Per Kit
  • More Interactive

Kynd Kit X

Assembly Line Styled Kit
Price Varies
  • Exponential Impact per Person
  • Customizable Time to Complete
  • Great for Conferences

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