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Kynd Kits are volunteer projects in a box. Everything you need to make something for someone in need is provided. Follow the instructions below to place your order and participate in the program.




Janssen Cares Volunteer Days

Welcome to Janssen Cares Volunteer Days virtual and hybrid volunteering!
Project Helping’s Kynd Kits take less than an hour to assemble, can be completed from any location, and will be delivered to an individual in need or facing adversity. Your kit has been carefully curated to support the individual who receives it by organizations who serve them.
Please choose from one of the six kits below. To view kit descriptions click here.
  • Classic Career Readiness Kit
  • Classic Chemo Care Kit
  • Classic Cold Care for Homelessness Kit
  • Classic Sensory Kit for Foster Care
  • Classic Literacy Kit for First Graders Kit
  • Classic Teen Mental Health Kit 
The Kynd Kit will be mailed to the address you provide, and a return mailing label will be included to send the kit back to Project Helping for distribution.
Kynd Kits can be an impactful team remote or hybrid team activity. Before ordering, please consult with your team to see if you’ll be participating together this year. Orders cannot be modified once submitted. Are you interested in ordering for a team? Click here for considerations and next steps for your group.
Please note: These projects are for Janssen US Commercial Company employees only and one kit is available per person for Volunteer Days. Unfortunately, Janssen R&D, Janssen Supply Chain, and other employees of J&J companies—as well as contractors/CSO—are ineligible to order a kit. Thank you for your understanding.

What you need to know

how to place your order

1.Complete the form Below

Please select your kit and input your preferred shipping address, then submit your form by clicking “Place My Order”.


If you have additional questions, please email us at [email protected].

There are instructions included with each kit. Just follow along to build something meaningful for someone in need. 

Your company has decided on a distribution method. The instructions on how to distribute your completed kit will be included in your kit. 

You can! Head here to purchase additional kits to assemble on your own or with family and friends.

Project Helping is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to make it ridiculously easy to volunteer because doing so is good for your mental health.