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Justin Kruger

Justin Kruger

Project Helping Founder

I founded Project Helping based on my personal experience with mental wellness. Like many people living with a mental health challenge, no one close to me knew I was struggling. I had a great job. I was successful. It seemed like I had everything – and truly I did. But privately, I was struggling.

Then, something completely unexpected happened. I was invited to volunteer. It happened to be at a point in my life when I was really struggling. I had no clue that experience would not only change my approach to my own mental wellness but also change my life trajectory. Volunteering immediately provided an outlet for me. The more I volunteered, the better I felt. The better I felt, the more I started to realize that volunteering was helping me improve my mental wellness.

This experience inspired me to dig deeper into the wellness benefits of volunteering. I found two things. First, there was a great deal of research that supported the mental wellness benefits of volunteering. This part was no surprise. Second, I found no one had created a way to really leverage these mental health benefits.

So that was the lightbulb moment! I was inspired to share what I had learned through my personal experience. That is where Project Helping started. We built this simple, elegant and impactful organization to leverage the mental wellness benefits of volunteering. Our goal was to make it incredibly simple to get involved in projects that are hand-selected to be the most impactful, hands-on project possible.


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  • Innovators Society by Community First Foundation 1.0
  • Emcee of Innovators Society 2.0
  • DOVIA Tarrant County Conference
  • CASA Volunteer Appreciate Event
  • Wellness Council of Wisconsin Annual Conference
  • Lone Tree Rotary Club Luncheon
  • PROPELS Group Breakfast
  • University of Denver Executive MBA Program

Hosted Workshops:

  • Men’s Mental Health Event
  • Wellness Council of Wisconsin Annual Conference
  • Basics Team Annual Conference
  • University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology
  • AmCheck Employee Meeting
  • Merage Foundations

Panels and Panel Discussions:

  • Valor Bridge
  • Denver Startup Week
  • Modern Gladiator Conference

  • 94.1 Radio Appearance Listen



  • Channel 7 News Story Watch





  • eTown Radio eChievement Award Listen




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