Kindful Leader


Kindful Leaders lead one group volunteer event per month. You volunteer alongside other volunteers and serve as an ambassador for Project Helping. Kindful Leaders ensure that the volunteer experience the day of the event is fun and engaging, resulting in a positive impact on the community and the mental wellness of our volunteers. Essentially, you’re making sure every event fulfills our mission!

This is a great opportunity to get more involved in supporting Project Helping.


We will walk you through every step of training and on boarding.  Once you have completed that, all you have to do is show up and lead the engaging volunteer event we create for you.  Oh, and have fun!

We ask you to commit to leading one event per month. Our events are typically 3 hours for 5-15 volunteers on a regularly scheduled day (i.e., the first Monday or the third Sunday of the month).

Here’s what you’ll do the day of the event:

  • Welcome and check in volunteers
  • Volunteer alongside with the volunteers throughout the day
  • Serve as a point of contact for the nonprofit partner we are serving
  • Engage with the volunteers and build community
  • Take pictures
  • Wrap up by thanking the volunteers and sharing the impact of their service

After the event, we ask that you complete a brief event report so we can track all the great impact being made, and share the pictures you took so we can share the amazing work with the world!


We provide online training on volunteer leadership skills, mental health awareness, and event logistics. Training is made up of short videos and activities that you can complete at your own pace. Training usually takes about 2 hours to complete. We wrap up with a live video call to make sure you have all your questions answered.

Project Helping will find a monthly volunteer event that fits both your schedule and your interests as a volunteer leader. We ensure that every event we create is social, meaningful, and accessible.

Once we create the event, we do all the work to post, market and recruit volunteers for the volunteer event. We post every volunteer opportunity on our website, which gets over 10,000 visitors per month, and share every event to our Facebook page.

We also keep in touch regularly with Kindful Leaders through email and Facebook updates. We are here to support you!


Sounds awesome, right? If you’d like to join the team of Kindful Leaders, we’d love to hear from you! The first step is to complete a short (only 10 minutes!) online (complete whenever you’d like!) video interview.  Once we receive your completed interview, we will be in touch.


I'm a Texas-raised, New York-grown, and Colorado-transplant 🙂 You can catch me at my desk 9-5 where I work at a public relations firm in Denver. I'm a 530pm runner and a 9pm writer/advocate for eating disorder recovery. I love to hike, play piano, read, and I tend to chew on my pointer finger when I'm nervous (sigh, some habits die hard.) I also have a lovely lil rescue doggie named Juno.

Lindsey - Denver

I am majoring in Business Administration at San Diego State University. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. I love people's company, the freedom of choice, the practice of discipline, and sunshine. Dimples and smiles are my greatest weakness. Volunteering, without a doubt, always makes me feel better.

Jayzle-May - San Diego

Hi, I'm Aubrey! I moved to Boulder in August of 2016 from Northern California and love it here. I work with adults with special needs as well as some digital marketing. Always a sucker for cute pups, dessert, and bad puns.

Aubrey - Boulder

I believe wholly in the four values that I center my life around being family, friends, impact and fun. I have a wonderful wife, a beautiful daughter and amazing golden retriever that motivate me, keep me busy and bring me pure joy every day. I love hearing people's stories and helping solve challenges for my friends, and I am always looking for new friends. No matter what kind of day I am having, I know that my day is typically much better than so many other people and devote my time to trying to make others' lives easier as I am able. If you remember a kid in middle or high school who was constantly being yelled at for making jokes or being the class clown, well then you pretty much understand me. I am the type of person who loves to have fun while working really hard. For me personally, the power of laughter is stress relieving and impactful, which allows for truly great things to happen and bonds to form.

Andrew - Denver