[kahyndfuh l-nis]


  1. Intentional, daily kind actions that greatly benefit mental wellness while creating a positive impact on our community and those around us. Kindfulness creates purpose, empathy and compassion.


Our biggest desire as parents or guardians is to raise good humans. We want our children to be happy and healthy. We want them to contribute to society and make an impact. A big part of that growth will be determined by their mental wellness. Practicing Kindfulness is an actionable step to build resiliency and strong mental wellness from an early age. The best part is that it is fun and can be done as a family!

It’s hard to find volunteer opportunities for kids. We know that well. We created Kindfulness for Kids so families would have an easy, meaningful and social way to get involved in volunteering. These events are specifically designed with all ages in mind and are available year round as a way to make volunteering a part of your family values.

Every volunteer experience is designed to be fun, flexible and meaningful for families. We will work as a team with other families. Together, we will make a great impact in the community and also learn about practicing kindfulness as a family. We will provide simple, effective tools to make it easy for families to integrate kindfulness into their routines. These volunteer projects are meant to make the hardest part – finding and signing up for volunteer events – simple and fun.

Find Volunteer Experiences for the Whole Family

Grown-ups, bring your kids. Kids, bring your grown-ups!


The key to kindfulness is practicing daily. That’s why we created Kindfulness Calendars. These are simple, printable calendars that you can use to share your kindfulness with your family every day. Use this to encourage your kids (and you) to practice kindfulness every day!

Simple! Download the Kindfulness Calendar for this month – or download them all – and put it up somewhere that you will see it every day. Maybe the refrigerator, the dining room or maybe tape it over the center of the TV!! Every day, have everyone mark what they did for the day. It’s that easy.

Kindfulness Coloring Pages

Another way to practice kindfulness is with these kindfulness coloring pages! Great for both kids and adults. You can keep your completed coloring pages to brighten up your space or write a kind note on the back and give it away to someone as an act of kindness!

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