Kindness Matters

The easiest way to spread joy from one person to another is to show them kindness. Even the smallest act of kindness has the power to turn someone’s day around. Everytime you show others kindness, you are telling them “you are important and you matter.” By performing a small act of kindness for a stranger, you can inspire them to be kind to someone else. One thing can lead to another until everyone is onboard and kindness is going around your community like the wave at a baseball game.

Being kind is 10% thoughts and 90% actions. It’s not enough to be kind internally, you also need to practice kindfulness if you want to make the world a better place. Kind acts can be spontaneous – sudden but still intentional – or require more planning. Here are some ideas for spontaneous and planned acts of kindness.

no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted Spontaneous Acts of Kindness

  1. Open the door for a stranger
  2. Pay for someone’s parking
  3. Compliment a stranger (and be genuine!)
  4. Send a caring text to someone you love (or a letter, if you want to be old school about it)
  5. Give money to someone experiencing homelessness
  6. Help a stranger carry something they are struggling with
  7. Pay for another person’s meal or coffee
  8. Pick up litter you see on the street
  9. Give out free hugs
  10. Stop to help someone having car trouble

Planned Acts of Kindness

  1. Participate in a 5k for charity
  2. Volunteer in your community
  3. Even better, become a regular volunteer or a Kindful Leader
  4. Foster an animal through your shelter
  5. Donate old clothes to those in need
  6. Do a KyndKit
  7. Fundraise for a charity or nonprofit
  8. Give out water in public on a hot day
  9. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway when it snows


Every little acts of kindness makes a difference. When someone receives an act of kindness, they are likely to pass it on. Join KyndHub to share your kindfulness and  for more ideas on how to practice kindfulness.

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