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Check out all the things you can customize. Make the Kynd Kit experience match your company culture, event theme, or employee experience goals.

Customization Options

We pride ourselves on customization. Let us know if you have an idea, we will bring it to life.


These items are included with your program.

Shipping to your employee’s homes or to your offices is included in the cost of every kit.

We will build your landing page with your logo and content to showcase your personalized messaging to your employees. 

You decide which kits to offer and how many. We will customize everything about the order process to make it easy to gather data and get the kits to your employees. 

We have a massive network of nonprofit partners who receive our completed kits. But we can also distribute to organizations of your choosing free of charge to you and the recipient organization.

Less Than 100 Kits$100
100+ Kits1 Hosted Hour Included
500+ Kits3 Hosted Hours Included
1000+ Kits5 Hosted Hours Included

Would you like to serve a cause area we don’t already serve? We can design a complete custom kit for you!

Free with minimum 250 kits

We LOVE feedback! If there is something we can update about the kits or the inserts that we can use for all clients, we will do so at no charge!

If you would like to make customizations that are specific and limited to your program, we can also do that for a small, per-kit fee.

Add Ons

Just a few things you can add to your program.

For a flat fee, we can include a prepaid return shipping label. Employees can build their kit and simply apply the label to send it back via USPS.

$6 per kit [Classic Kits]
$9 per kit [Plus Kits]
$13 per kit [Max Kits}

Additionall charges may apply for multiple hosts.

We can customize the outside of the kit to include a sticker of your choosing. This can be your logo, or artwork specific to your event or initiative. 

$1 per kit [Includes kit sticker and custom kit inserts]

We can customize the outside of the kit to include a sticker of your choosing. This can be your logo, or artwork specific to your event or initiative. 

$1 per kit customization bundle [Includes custom kit sticker and custom insert]

We can ship Kynd Kits anywhere in the world. International shipping charges vary. However, as a nonprofit, we have a partnership with DHL which allows us to offer very low international shipping rates. 

Pricing Varies

Provide your employees a unique, branded gift they can keep when they complete their kit. 

Project Helping’s Gratitude Starters game is a dice game that creates gratitude prompts!

Gift this game to your employees with a co-branded insert. 

$12 per employee

Provide your employees a custom branded gratitude journal. The journal includes 180 gratitude prompts and space for 60 days of gratitude writing. 

Your brand can be displayed on the front or back of the journal.

$8 per employee

Provide your employees a custom branded Gratitude Starters Game and a branded gratitude journal. These items were designed to be used in tandem. 

$15 per employee

Are you providing additional swag or resources for your event? We can pack it with the Kynd Kit so it all arrives together!

*Additional shipping charges may apply based on box sizes.
*Some box charges may apply if larger boxes are needed.

$3 per kit for basic fulfillment 

*Basic fulfillment is when all recipients receive the same item. No custom sizes or sorting required before fulfillment.

$5 per kit for advanced fulfillment

*advanced fulfillment is when all recipients receive unique items such as sized apparel or items with their names on them. 

We can print additional resources or content to put in your kits at your request. 

  • 5.5″ X 8.5″ finished size
  • Max of 10 printed pages
  • Full color
$1 per kit

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