Knowledge is NOT Power

Knowledge is Not Power; Knowlege is Leverage

Knowledge, alone, is useless. Action, without knowledge, is misguided and infective. Assume you know how build an airplane, but never pick up a tool; you will never see the sky. What if you are all about action and start to hammer away on building a flying craft. Without the proper know-how, there is no chance that thing is going to fly…well, almost no chance.

So what is knowledge then? It is a fulcrum. It is the leverage that makes action meaningful. Knowledge, as leverage, plus meaningful action makes it possible to impart meaningful change.

Lets apply this thought to a more real-life situation. Not that you won’t build an airplane…but you probably won’t building an airplane. How about we give you some knowledge, without any action and see what happens.

Did you know that volunteering has amazing health benefits? When you volunteer there is a physiological reaction in the brain. Chemicals like dopamine and seratonin – the same ones associated with happiness – are released. Volunteering improves your mood, reduces stress and improves your sense of purpose. There is a lot of great research on the health benefits of volunteering, but take it from the people who have done it.

  • 94% of people surveyed say volunteering improved their mood.
  • 80% of people who volunteer say they have more control over their mental health.
  • 76% of people who volunteer say volunteering make them feel healthier

Okay, so you have some knowledge, do you feel better? Did you get any of the health benefits from knowing these things. Probably not, right?

What if we apply some action to this knowledge. What if leverage the knowledge that volunteering makes us feel better and improves our health? How would you go about leveraging that?

You can absolutely go out and volunteer…and you should, it’s a great experience. But sometimes that’s harder than we would like it to be. What if you don’t know where to start. What if you don’t know what you want to do? We’ve got you covered.

We created Project Helping for this very reason. We know the benefits of volunteering and we leverage those benefits by creating engaging, social and really easy to join volunteer projects. When we make volunteering engaging, we increase the health benefits. When we make it social, we add the element of community to the equation. And when we make it really easy to volunteer, we make it easy for you to leverage the health benefits of volunteering.

So know you have the knowledge, but as we talked about, that isn’t going to do much without action. We have make it easy to use that knowledge as leverage, all you have to do is get involved. We’ve removed all the hurdles, all the obstacles and made it really easy for you to take action.

Check out our get involved page to find some action for yourself!

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