Kynd Communities

The Kynd Community program provides the opportunity to improve mental wellness in organizations through member volunteerism. Participants can volunteer from inside their organization through coordinated volunteer experiences or at home at any time with Kynd Kits.

Sponsor an Organization

As a sponsor, you will enable a Kynd Kiosk to be placed in an organization of your choice (We can choose one for you if you don’t have one in mind!) and the kiosk will be filled with Kynd Kits.

Request Free Kynd Kits for your Organization

To request Kynd Kits for your organization please email [email protected].

Schools, Non Profits, Churches, College Extracurricular, Club/Societies

Not sure if you qualify? Email [email protected] and we can help!

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Why build a Kynd Kit?


Volunteer from Anywhere

Kynd Kits make volunteering as accessible as possible. You can complete them from anywhere!

100% of Materials Included

You don't need to have anything to complete your kit, it will all come packed inside!

Easy, Compact, Convenient

Kynd Kits are conveniently packed and contain easy projects to complete your kit!

More Impact

Even more ways to support Project Helping.

Get Swag

Grab some Project Helping branded gear. All proceeds benefit Project Helping.

Be A Volunteer

Become a Project Helping volunteer and join us in volunteer experiences.

Get Kynd Kits

Kynd Kits are a program of Project Helping. All kit sales support Project Helping's mission.