Kynd Kiosk

The Kynd Kiosk is like a vending machine for volunteer
projects! Each kiosk is filled with Kynd Kits, which
are volunteer projects in a box.

What is a Kynd Kiosk?

Think of it like a vending machine for volunteer projects. The kiosk can be placed in any shared space. Your people check out a kit at any time by simply scanning the built-in QR codes. We can track your inventory in real-time and reach out when the kiosk is getting low on kits.

You choose how many kits and which kits to put in the kiosk initially. They can be updated and changed at any time. We can even theme the kiosk for months of giving or specific initiatives.

Kynd Kiosk Classic

Kynd Kiosk Plus


There is no limit to the impact we can make together.

Yes! Both kiosks can be branded and customized. We can create custom headers that are co-branded or highlight a specific kit or cause. 

The classic kiosk is a one-time fee of $300. The plus kiosk is a one-time fee of $500.

Classic Kynd Kits for kiosk orders are discounted 10%. You decide when to refill it and how many to get!

There is a chip built into the kiosk. Your team can tap their phone on the kiosk or scan the QR code to engage with the checkout experience. This allows us to track your inventory in real-time and reach out when you’re low on kits. 

Your volunteers don’t have to pay for their kits.

Completed kits can be distributed in two ways:

  • Volunteers can hand their kits out to someone in need in their community.
  • Send your completed kits back to us and we will distribute them to our network of nonprofit partners around the world. [When we send you more kits for your kiosk, you can send the completed ones back to us with a free shipping label.]

You keep it for as long as you’d like!

You’re able to refill it as many times as you need and can always have volunteer projects available for your team. 

It depends which kits you put in it.

You can place 32 classic kits in the classic kiosk and over 100 classic kits in the plus kiosk!

You can also mix and match to create a variety that fits your giving areas. 

Most of our partners place them in a break room, conference room, or shared space where everyone will have access. 

The classic kiosk is a very durable, custom, double-wall corrugated material. It’s also very light and can be moved easily from one location to another. 

The plus kiosk is made of plywood and slides together with no hardware required. 

We can place multiple kiosks in your locations so everyone has access!

We Are Here to Help.

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Kiosk Classic

Placement Fee
$ 300 One-Time
  • Discount Kit Pricing
  • Shipping Included
  • Includes 100% of needed materials

Kiosk Plus

Placement Fee
$ 500 One-Time
  • Discount Kit Pricing
  • Shipping Included
  • Includes 100% of needed materials

The Journey of a Kynd Kit

What is a Kynd Kit and how does it work?
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Kynd Kits are designed to be used by anyone. Individuals, families, small group, and any sized company can use Kynd Kits to make an impact on the community no matter where they are.


Kynd Kits can be built wherever you are. Everything you need to build something for something in need is included in your kit.

Available Kynd Kits

See complete kit details on the projects page.

Kynd Kit Classic

Our original line of Kynd Kits. We offer 16 different projects all priced at $25 each. Order one, or multiple. Build a bundle to impact the causes you care about.

Kynd Kit Plus

The Kynd Kit Plus is just like the classic kits, but bigger! We include more items to make your kit build more meaningful and the impact greater for the end recipient. New plus kits are being added every week.

Kynd Kit Max

Our biggest kit with the most interaction for the kit builder and the most impact for the kit recipient.

Corporate Programs

Would you like to build a Kynd Kit program for your team or company? Check out our corporate programs page.

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