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Research shows that volunteering improves mental wellness. Each time an individual completes a Kynd Kit, they are not only improving the life of a community member, but they are also improving their own mental health.

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Everything you need to complete your project for someone in need is included in your kit.


Each kit can be customized before you order it or you can add items to the kits as you build them.

Free Shipping

The cost of each kit includes shipping to your office or directly to employee's homes.


Each kit was designed with feedback from the benefitting organizations and causes.

How It Works

You order the kits that serve the cause you are passionate about. We build them and ship them directly to your home or office.

Order as many as you need. Build a bundle of kits to do with friends, family, or coworkers.

Corporate Use
Order kits for your employees. Have them delivered to your office in bulk, or sent directly to employee's homes.

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Find the Right Fit

Kynd Kits come in different sizes and serve a variety of causes.

Kynd Kit Classic

The Original Kynd Kit
$ 25 Per Kit
  • 16 Different Kits
  • Free Shipping
  • Customizable

Kynd Kit Plus

Bigger Kit. More Impact.
$ 45 Per Kit
  • All Classic Features
  • More Items Included
  • More Impact

Kynd Kit Max

The Most Impact Possible
$ 65 Per Kit
  • All Plus Features
  • Maximum Impact Per Kit
  • More Interactive

Kynd Kit X

Assembly Line Styled Kit
Price Varies
  • Exponential Impact per Person
  • Customizable Time to Complete
  • Great for Conferences

Kynd Kit Skills

Assembly Line Styled Kit
Price Varies
  • New Skill Development
  • Handmade Gift for Someone in Need
  • 4 Different Skills

Customize the outside of the kit. the inside of the kit. your landing page. the kit contents. company events. on-site options.

Each kit has a sticker on the outside with the kit title and a short link to kit instructions. In addition to this, you can add your own branded sticker to the outside of the kit. This could be your companies logo, or a specific logo for your impact day or volunteer week. An example of this is below.


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When your employees open their kit, the first thing they will see is an insert that was designed by our marketing team in collaboration with you. Some common things to put on this insert are kit recipients, kit building event dates, company values, and more. Some examples of custom inserts are linked below.

Charles Schwab Insert
Discovery Insert
Warner Media Insert

Price: Included

We have over 40 pre-made kits to choose from. However, you can also build your own kit! If you have a cause area that you’re passionate about, our team will work with you to design a custom kit that will benefit the organization of your choice. Some examples of kits that were custom built for companies and their contents include:

STEM Kit- Built with CDK to benefit Greenlight for Girls

Financial Literacy Kit- Built with 

Career Readiness Kit- Built with 

Price: Varies

We make it super easy for employees to order their kits through a custom landing page. These landing pages are designed to tell your employees everything they need to know about Kynd Kits, and link to the Kynd Kit site where they will have a custom bundle built with the kits of your choosing. Below is an example of what a landing page would look like:

Example Page
Price: Included

We can customize which kits the employees can choose from and the quantities they can order. We also create a custom discount code for your organization that employees can input at checkout. We then ship the kits directly to the employees homes!

Price: Included

We have distribution partners in place for every Kynd Kit, but we can always distribute your employees kits to a partner of your choosing!

For example, if you are located in Houston and have a homeless shelter that your company supports, you can order homeless dignity kits as your Kynd Kit of choice and have the completed kits distributed there.

Price: Included

Kynd Kits are designed to be a full volunteer experience. Because of this, you can set up “Kynd Kit Building” events for your company, and a member of our team will lead your employees in building their kits! Click below to watch an example of how this event would work.

You can watch an example of how this works here.

See customization pricing >>

Want to keep Kynd Kits around in the office or put on a fun in-office event? We have the Kynd Kiosk, the Kynd Bar, and the Kynd Mobile for all of your on-site needs. 

Kynd Bar
Kynd Kiosk
Price: Varies

Gratitude Starters are an excellent way to build deeper relationships with team members and clients. This gratitude game can be played from anywhere, and is a great addition to team-building exercizes or big meetings. Bonus- Gratitude is shown to improve mental health!

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Learn how companies like Discover implemented Kynd Kit programs into their employee benefits and see the incredible impact it had on their culture.

Download the playbook below and learn why volunteering is good for our mental wellness, how you can make an impactful experience for your company and the benefits of volunteer programs on individuals, organizations and communities.

Let Our Work Speak for Itself

See what our partners have to say about us.

I was tasked with putting together a hybrid service project event for a conference that our organization was sponsoring, meaning I needed to have opportunities available for both virtual and in-person attendees. The team at Project Helping made it so easy! We were able to set up a landing page for virtual attendees to sign up for their Kynd Kits and have them shipped to their homes. And Project Helping shipped several hundred kits to the show location for the in-person event. Project participants loved putting together the kits! It was awesome watching them apply creativity and personal touch to the components that included a personal note or decorating an item. I highly recommend working with Project Helping!

Chelsea Norton

Managing Director, Marketing and Engagement

Project Helping collaborated, supported, and helped us power through the largest virtual community service project our company had ever undertaken. PH went above and beyond to create the level of service, special touches and perfected logistics to make our event absolutely incredible. We trusted them to create 1700+ custom service kits branded with our company logo and they got them delivered on time and beautifully boxed. We plan to use PH in the future for more community service ventures and highly recommend them to anyone looking to engage their employees through community impact.

Alley LaMont

Senior Event Manager- EAB

We worked with Project Helping for our first Virtual Volunteer Day in 2020. The team at Project Helping are masters at logistics! They sent out thousands of Kynd Kits to our employees all over the world under a tight deadline, making it look easy (which it was not!). On the Day-of, the team facilitated instructional video calls which were incredibly engaging and meaningful. We will definitely use Project Helping again. So happy to have them as partners in DOING GOOD for those in need.


Katelyn Wiltsee

Specialist, Corporate Social Responsibility

Working with Project Helping for our annual volunteer day was an awesome experience across the board! With all of the challenges presented this year, we needed an approach that would be flexible for volunteers to participate in-person, at the office, from home, or on their own time. Building Kynd Kits and partnering with Project Helping was the perfect solution.

From providing a home page to processing orders, from customization to shipping, from facilitation to delivery, the Project Helping team does it all. And, they do it seamlessly, quickly, and cost-effectively. My colleagues loved opening their Kynd Kit packages, seeing our company branding, and receiving the Kits they personally chose. During the event, they embraced vulnerability and shared what drew them to choose the Kits and why they felt a connection to a particular cause. Beyond completing the Kits for our community partners, this volunteer event encouraged volunteers to connect in a more meaningful way, on a deeper level. To see it all happen was quite profound.

Pandemic or not, working with Project Helping on our volunteer events will be something I continue to do in the future!


Micah Gurard-Levin

Senior Manager, Community Relations at Liberty Global
Project Helping was a great addition to our company volunteerism, especially during a constantly changing year when in-person volunteering was not possible. The kit building helped connect our employees to the community, create an uplifting activity to do with family, and benefit a nonprofit organization.

Kristen Casapulla

Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist at Guardian Life
It’s simple, I love kynd kits! This is such a fun activity to give back to the community all while improving your mental health. At FirstBank, we offer Volunteer Time Off to our employees and the pandemic has created some obstacles for these opportunities to continue. I have been working with the Project Helping Team throughout this year on fun ways to engage our employees through kynd kit events. Kynd kits provide this safe opportunity for our employees to connect virtually while working from home and even involve their families. The Project Helping team is always willing to help us with any idea we have and are a joy to work with. On a personal note, they pay attention to the details and truly care about everyone they interact with. They are so supportive with my own mental health and I am so happy whenever I get to collaborate with this team!

Kyrié Bentz

Senior Benefits Representative at FirstBank
At Xactly, a large part of our core values C.A.R.E. is about giving back to the community, and over the last two years have utilized Kynd Kits to get our employees service projects they can do in the comfort of their homes. What we love most is the variety of Kits available and the emphasis each project places on reflection and gratitude for the individual completing the Kit and the individual receiving it. Kynd Kits are an excellent way to keep our employees engaged and ensure our philanthropic spirit continues to thrive in these uncertain times.

Tammy Rindfield

HR Representative at Xactly Corp
I can’t say enough good things about Justin and his team. SCL Health began its partnership with Project Helping almost 2 years ago and has had such a positive experience. Our associates love building KyndKits. They’re a fun and meaningful way to raise awareness about mental health while at the same time, helping people in the community. The kits only take about 15 minutes and are designed so anyone from any location can build them, which makes it easy for people with even the most challenging schedules to get involved.

Katie Bovee

Program Manager, Community Benefit at SCL Health

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