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Kynd Leader

This is a great opportunity to get more involved in Project Helping!

A Kynd Leader is an ambassador for Project Helping who leads volunteers once a month (or more). You volunteer alongside our volunteers to ensure that the experience the day of the event is fun and engaging, resulting in a positive impact on the community and the mental wellness of our volunteers. Essentially, you’re making sure every event fulfills our mission!

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Get Involved

Lead just one event per month. Events are between 2-4 hours long on a regularly scheduled day, such as the first Monday or the third Sunday of every month. The group size is typically 5-15 volunteers.

Review the checklist of expectations for the day of the volunteer experience to the right. After the event, complete a brief event report and save your photos so we can track all the great impact being made and share your amazing experience with the world!


  • Welcome and check in volunteers
  • Volunteer alongside with the volunteers throughout the day
  • Serve as the main point of contact for the day with the nonprofit partner
  • Engage with the volunteers and build community
  • Represent Project Helping and answer volunteer questions
  • Take pictures and video
  • Wrap up by thanking the volunteers and sharing the impact of their service

We are here to support you! We take care of all these things for you.

  • Provide thorough online training
  • Find and schedule a monthly volunteer experience that fits your schedule and interests
  • Post and advertise volunteer experiences
  • Recruit and register volunteers
  • Keep in touch with regular updates
  1. Intro call/meeting to get to know you and what you’d like to lead.
  2. Complete 2-hour online training. Training covers everything you need to be ready to represent Project Helping in the community, including mental health awareness, volunteer leadership skills, and logistics. Training is made up of short videos and activities that you can complete at your own pace.
  3. Follow up call/meeting to answer your questions and confirm your volunteer experience.
  4. Tour the nonprofit partner and meet the contacts where you’ll lead a monthly event.
  5. Lead your monthly volunteer experience!

Sounds awesome, right? If you’d like to join the team of Kynd Leaders, we’d love to hear from you! Sign up below to schedule an intro call/meeting.

Where You Can


This is the current calendar of volunteer experiences in Denver.

Anywhere you see OPEN in blue is a spot where you can (co-) lead.


Kynd Leaders

Derek Stewart

Denver Children’s Home

Annie Longley

Denver Dream Center

Jon Danton

The Action Center

Bridget Duzzie

Urban Peak

Monique Vigil

The Delores Project

Julie Rea

Baby Haven

Terry Ingram

The Delores Project

Kathy Lee

A Precious Child

Vanessa Shotton

Denver Rescue Mission

Morgan Pauly

Location TBD

Angel Johnson

Clothes to Kids of Denver

Robert Kross

Denver Dream Center

Gracie Miranda

Denver Children’s Home

Jacob Scholl

Father Woody’s Haven of Hope

Kate Erickson

Butterfly Pavilion

Brandon Kindred

DeLaney Community Farm

Suzy Martinek

Food For Thought

Felice Ponferrada

The Denver Hospice & Linus Project

Kelsey Ebeling

The Delores Project

Lynn Koves

Jovial Concepts

Tara Geary

The Delores Project

Drew Chambers

A New Spin

Cristee Cordes

Project C.U.R.E.

Daniel Harvey

The Denver Hospice & Linus Project

Laura McRell

Project C.U.R.E.

Dixie Jane Strange

Urban Peak

Rebecca Gillis

Denver Children’s Home

Jessica Lewis

Butterfly Pavilion

Kate Erickson

Butterfly Pavilion

Deborah Greenwood

The Delores Project

Liam Tupper

Urban Peak

Noah Shurz

A Precious Child

Melissa Palcic

Denver Children’s Home

Amy Chen

Urban Peak Shelter

Carrie Williams

Metro Caring

Alexa Silva

Treasure House of Hope

Abigail Strickland

Denver Parks & Rec

Audrey Douthit

The Action Center

Silvana Cano

The Denver Hospice & Project Linus

Kaylee Pott

Urban Peak

Codie Shotton

Dress for Success

Audrey Reyes

Denver Parks and Rec

Dasha Ovechkina

Project C.U.R.E.

Ellen Davis

The Delores Project

Allison Martinez

Denver Dream Center

Alonzo Buckley

Denver Dream Center

Arnez Martinez

Denver Dream Center

Rylie Kruger

CO Pet Pantry & EKAR Farms

San Diego

Kynd Leaders

Ali Muhammad

Hand Up Food Pantry

Jayzle-May Pacleb

StoryTent hosted by Traveling Stories

Barb Pitoscia

San Diego Rescue Mission

Joan Kessler

San Diego Rescue Mission


Kynd Leaders

Tiffany Chulavachana

Jim Warner

Brent Walker

Race Belmont

Erin Hanson

Emma Stephens

Alyssia McDonald

Shivani Desai

Archie Teller

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