Kynd Schools

The Kynd School program provides the opportunity to improve
mental wellness in schools through student volunteerism.
Students can volunteer from inside their school or home at
anytime with Kynd Kits, which are volunteer projects in a box.

Request Free Kynd Kits for your School

To request a kiosk be placed in your school and filled with mental wellness resources for your students, please fill out the form below. Your school will be sent FREE Youth or Teen Mental Health Kynd Kits depending on your schools grade range. 

Sponsor a School

As a sponsor, you will enable a Kynd Kiosk to be placed in a school of your choice (We can choose one for you if you don’t have one in mind!) and the kiosk will be filled with Kynd Kits.

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Kynd Kits are volunteer projects in a box. Everything you need to do a meaningful project for someone in need is delivered right to your door. For Kynd Schools we offer the Teen and Youth Mental Health Kynd Kits which is a care package that will go to a teen or youth struggling with their mental wellness. To see more examples of our Kynd Kits click here.

As a part of this program we provide a free Kiosk that will be stocked with Kynd Kits for students to take and complete. We will send a total of 40 kits to start and can refill upon request.

Once the student completes the kit, they can either drop it off at the kiosk or self distribute to a student in their school. They are also weclome to keep the kit as a self care tool.

Are your Students Looking for In-Person Volunteering?

We have many opportunities for in-person volunteering. Click the link below to see which cities we are active in!

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Why build a Kynd Kit?


Volunteer from Anywhere

Kynd Kits make volunteering as accessible as possible. You can complete them from anywhere!

100% of Materials Included

You don't need to have anything to complete your kit, it will all come packed inside!

Easy, Compact, Convenient

Kynd Kits are conveniently packed and contain easy projects to complete your kit!

More Impact

Even more ways to support Project Helping.

Get Swag

Grab some Project Helping branded gear. All proceeds benefit Project Helping.

Be A Volunteer

Become a Project Helping volunteer and join us in volunteer experiences.

Get Kynd Kits

Kynd Kits are a program of Project Helping. All kit sales support Project Helping's mission.