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  1. Kyndfulness is a daily practice using volunteering, intentional acts of kindness, and gratitude to bring awareness to the impact you make on others and the positive mental state created by serving others.
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When you volunteer, you make an impact, both on you and your community. Through volunteering, you actively invest in your community while reaping the mental wellness benefits of volunteering. Volunteering has immediate health benefits like improved mood and reduced stress. But did you know it also has long-term benefits? When you volunteer once a month for an average of three hours, there are long-term health benefits. At Project Helping we select the most impactful and engaging volunteer projects and then we make them incredibly easy to sign up for.

Intentional Acts of Kyndness

You can’t volunteer every day. So how do keep your kyndfulness practice going? You do Intentional Acts of Kyndness. You don’t need to wait for an opportunity to be kind to present itself; be intentional. These small, simple, daily acts of kyndness will supplement your volunteerism and build a daily kyndfulness practice. Hold the door for someone, text a friend something kynd, or buy the person in line behind you a cup of coffee. The possibilities are endless!


Expressing gratitude is a simple, daily practice that can have a tremendous benefit on your mental wellness. Volunteering and doing intentional acts of kyndness are gratitude in action, but pausing to take note of the things you are grateful for gives context for the kyndfulness you practice on a daily basis. A great exercise is to keep a gratitude journal. Write down a few things every day that you are grateful for. But you don’t have to keep all your gratitude to yourself. Let others know you are grateful for them – it can double as an intentional act of kindness too!


The social interaction – the connection – that comes from practicing kyndfulness is what makes it so unique. Every volunteer project we offer is created to have a social setting. This sense of community is vital to mental and emotional wellness. When you volunteer, you interact with the community you are serving while simultaneously interacting with your fellow volunteers. Intentional Acts of Kyndness furthers this connection by encouraging daily interactions with the people around you. Have you ever done an act of kindness for someone and NOT felt immediately connected to them? Exactly!


It is important to reflect on the kindness you share. You have the ability to build a “kindness bank” to call on when you need it. Journalling or keeping a record of your volunteer work and acts of kindness can help build and maintain this kindness bank. When you need it, the recollection of your kindness is a powerful tool to improve mental and emotional wellness. Not the journalling type? We have another tool that may help. Check out KyndHub!

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We are continually gathering data to highlight the mental wellness benefits of kyndfulness. Want to participate? Click “Join the Study” below, practice kyndfulness, then complete the surveys we send monthly. Simple!

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