What is it?

KyndHub helps your company practice kindfulness. Kindfulness is an innovative way to connect your wellness programs and your community impact to benefit the mental wellness of your employees. KyndHub tracks your volunteer hours and your acts of kindness and when you’re feeling grateful, share that on KyndHub as well! It is like a social media network and a journal for practicing kindfulness.

How does it work?

Your employees are encouraged to practice kindfulness every day. KyndHub works on any computer, phone or tablet. It is simple to post volunteer hours, acts of kindness, gratitude, and donations. All of this is automatically tracked, in real time, with employee generated content. All the tracking and insight – none of the work.

Who is it for?

KyndHub is great for any organization of any size! Any organization can bring kindfulness into their corporate culture and improve the mental wellness of their employees. It’s the perfect addition to any wellness program.

Now you can connect your wellness programs to your community impact and make them both better – with less effort!

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Make it easy for your employees to find volunteer experiences, share their impact and connect with coworkers to grow your community impact. 

Acts of Kindness

Daily, intentional acts of kindness are a great way to build a company culture and improve your employees engagement and wellness. KyndHub makes it fun and easy to do!


KyndHub encourages your employees to share the things they are grateful for with each other. This daily practice is a powerful part of practicing kindfulness. 



Visit our KyndHub blog to learn more about how KyndHub can benefit your people and your business.

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Don’t manage your volunteer hours and giving on Excel spreadsheets? Dump the spreadsheets and take advantage of real time content and simple, streamlined reporting.


Stop chasing down your employees to get their volunteer hours. When they post what they’ve done in KyndHub, it is tracked and reported in REAL TIME! That means, you don’t have to do it.


Tired of searching for volunteer event? You and your employees can search from over 150,000 volunteer events right in KyndHub. Then share the event and manage attendees with KyndHub’s easy to use tools.


Share your collective community impact on your own website or social media in real time. KyndHub has a customizable, easy to use widget that allows you to embed your kindfulness anywhere and everywhere.


Need some help engaging your employees? Questions on best practices? Looking for your next event? We can also set up your challenges, manage your users…and pretty much anything else you can think of.


Need some insight on growing your Corporate Social Responsibility programs? Wondering how to get the most wellness benefit out of your corporate volunteer programs? Yeah, we can help with ALL of that!


Project Helping did a great job helping us find a wonderful opportunity to read to children. They did an awesome job mediating between our company and the Reading Partners program. This was our first time volunteering to read to children. Charissa and Katelyn, from Reading Partners, were very helpful training our team on the curriculum. Overall, everyone had a great time and felt good about themselves helping the children. We would totally be interested in doing it again!

Sean Smith - Granicus