What is it?

KyndHub is on online community for practicing, sharing and inspiring kindfulness. Join KyndHub and build your own kindful community!

How does it work?

KyndHub works on your computer, phone or tablet. When you volunteer, do an act of kindness or express gratitude, just log in and post it. It is automatically tracked so you can look back at all the kindful things you’ve done. Invite your friends, family, or coworkers and create or join different hubs and groups!

Who is it for?

KyndHub is great for corporate users, individuals or pretty much any group!  Corporate users can bring kindfulness into their corporate culture and impact the mental wellness of their employees. It’s the perfect addition to any wellness program.

Individual users can invite friends and family to practice kindfulness together. Schools and churches can us it too! By gamifying community impact, it is engaging and meaningful for everyone to participate!

KyndHub Post Example


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Find volunteer experiences, share your volunteer work and invite your friends to join you for volunteer projects. 

Acts of Kindness

Share your daily acts of kindness and be inspired by your friends as they share theirs. 


There is so much to be grateful for. Share your gratitude daily and see what others have shared. 



Where to?


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Learn more about KyndHub and Kindfulness through our KyndHub blog.

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