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What Is It?

KyndHub is on online community for practicing, sharing and inspiring kyndfulness. Join KyndHub and build your own kynd community!

Find meaningful volunteer experiences. Connect with others who are passionate about similar causes. Track your impact in real-time. Practice kyndfulness every day!

How Does it Work?

KyndHub works on your computer, phone or tablet. When you volunteer, do an act of kyndness or express gratitude, just log in and post it. It is automatically tracked so you can look back at all the kynd things you’ve done. Invite your friends, family, or coworkers and create or join different hubs and groups!

Who Is It For?

KyndHub is great for corporate users, individuals or pretty much any groupCorporate users can bring kyndfulness into their corporate culture and impact the mental wellness of their employees. It’s the perfect addition to any wellness program.

Individual users can invite friends and family to practice kyndfulness together. Schools and churches can use it too! By gamifying community impact, it is engaging and meaningful for everyone to participate!


 Volunteer experiences delivered to your home or office. 

Just a Few


  • Gamify your community impact with volunteer hour, acts of kyndness, and gratitude challenges.
  • Reward points and build a marketplace to drive daily engagement.
  • Challenge groups and users to participate with pay it forward challenges.
  • Build employee mental wellness by engaging them regularly in practicing kyndfulness.
  • Track all of your community impact in real time.
  • Create and manage your own volunteer experiences and track your impact.
  • Find volunteer opportunities with our unique search functionality.
  • Build engaging, social, and accessible volunteer hour challenges.
  • Create group goals for intentional acts of kyndness.
  • Allow users to immediately challenge their peers to pay acts of kyndness forward.
  • Reward users with points for doing acts of kyndness.
  • Build kyndness chains through instant individual kyndness challenges.
  • Encourage users to share their gratitude for each other and build a positive corporate culture.
  • Reward users with Kynd Points when they share their gratitude.
  • Build challenges to engage users to share gratitude daily.

Kynd Companies

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