Large Group Volunteer Project at U-Park Elementary

Large Group Volunteer Project at Univeristy Park Elementary

We have a great group of volunteers join Project Helping at University Park Elementary School. It is always inspiring to see the impact a group of volunteers can make. That impact is multiplied when you can get a large group volunteer project organized like this one.


The classrooms at University Park Elementary School were in bad need of an upgrade. We wanted to help with that. With the help of the local University Park community and the school, we were able to create this large group volunteer project and deployed 43 amazing volunteers to repaint seven classrooms…AT THE SAME TIME! Large Group Volunteer Project

We had 6-7 people in every room prepping, painting and making a great impact. We only wish we could be there to see the reaction of the teachers and kids when they see them after coming back from the weekend. The rooms looked bright, fresh and amazing. It’s sure to make an impact on the classroom setting for everyone involved.


Most of the time, we focus on groups of 10-20 people for our volunteer events. In this case, with all the impact we could create at the school, we did a large group volunteer project. We had a great mix of volunteers who all gave four hours of their time on a Saturday morning to make a great impact on the U Park Elementary School.  While none of the volunteers knew each other, they worked together beautifully, had a great time and got a LOT of work done.


It easy to literally see our impact in this case. We painted seven classrooms that really needed it. The impact is pretty clear…or is it? What will the impact be on the teachers when they get to school and see that groups of volunteers came in over the weekend to paint the classrooms where they spend every day? What will the impact be on the kids when they see the updated, clean and bright classroom setting? We think that impact is immeasurable.

The impact we made on the school, the teachers and the kids was amazing today but that wasn’t the only impact happening. Did you know that volunteering has remarkable physical and mental wellness benefits? That’s why we work so hard to create these engaging, impactful and social volunteer projects – so that volunteers can make a difference in their community AND on their own wellness.

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