Sight Words for First Graders

Classic Kynd Kit

Decorate the Plastic Bag

Decorate the plastic bag. This is what the final kit is distributed in, make this fun and colorful for the recipient to open. 

Write a Note to the Recipient and Decorate the Envelope

Use the enclosed materials to write a card and decorate the envelope. Express your encouragement and include a hopeful message.

Decorate the Canvas Bag

Use the permanent markers to decorate the canvas bag. Tip: Place a piece of paper in the bag before decorating to prevent the markers from bleeding through. 

Make Sight Word Flashcards

Write one sight word per index card provided. Use large, legible letters. Decorate the cards with colors, pictures, or stickers that represent the word on the card! Tips: Make sure the words are legible, do not use cursive, do not use any words not provided on the list, and underline portions of words on the flashcards if they are underlined on the sight words list.
The list of sight words is included in your kit. If you would like a digital list, click here

Surprise Kyndness

Decorate the outside of the journal with a picture or uplifting message. Use random pages in the journal to write short uplifting messages, draw small colorful images, or create fun writing prompts for the recipient.

Feed the Monster

You will be making a monster out of the bag for the child to play the “feed the monster” game while practicing their sight words. Each time the child gets the sight word correct, they can feed the monster the sight word flashcard.

Open the brown paper bag. Use a pair of scissors to cut a fun-shaped mouth in one side of the bag (make sure it’s large enough for an index card to fit through so the monster can “eat”). Use the included markers to decorate the bag like an animal or monster. On the back of the bag, write out instructions so the child will know how to play the “feed the monster” game. Ex. “Every time you get a sight word correct, you can feed the monster by putting the card in the bag through the monster’s mouth”

Pack the Kit

  • Pack all of the materials into the decorated plastic bag and put it back into the original box.
  • Please only include items that are UNOPENED and UNUSED
  • Add any optional items you would like.
  • Fidget toys
  • Stickers
  • Journals
  • Coloring/writing utensils 
  • Other craft and art supplies

Items not to include:

  • Perishable items
  • Sharp objects
  • Nut food products
  • Religious or political items

Register Your Kit and Follow It's Journey

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Dollars for Doers​

If your company offers a Dollars for Doers program, you can submit the time you spent building your Kynd Kit to benefit Project Helping.

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