Community Launch Kits

Community Launch Kits is an at-home virtual volunteer activity being offered by Space Community Relations to employee groups in 2021. Community Launch Kits allow employees to volunteer safely from their homes and support STEM and Mil/Vet causes. Please follow the links below to order your kit. Don’t forget to select the correct type of kit (STEM or Mil/Vet) and input the correct discount code provided by your team lead.

*Kitting Activity Legal Disclaimer 

Your participation in any Project Helping activity or any other related third-party activity, including any associated social media platforms such as Kynd Hub, is entirely voluntary, at your own risk, and you may be subject to any applicable third-party policies related to such participation. Lockheed Martin assumes no liability related to any such voluntary activities. Please ensure that that when participating in this volunteer opportunity, you follow any applicable COVID-19 public health orders for your state, county, or city and any relevant CDC guidance for handling packages and mail and/or visiting postal service facilities. Please also be mindful of your obligations under Lockheed Martin‘s applicable social media and security policies governing personal participation in online forums.

In addition, please note that your volunteer participation requires us to share your name, email address, and home address with our non-profit vendor Project Helping who is assisting with this project. If you do not desire that this information be shared, you should not participate in this activity. If you have questions about how Project Helping will handle this information, please contact Ashlee Kruger at [email protected] to request further information.



Everything you need to complete your project for someone in need is included in your kit.


Your company is providing prepaid kits, but you can pay for more if you want to do them with friends or family.

Free Shipping

Shipping to your home is included with your order.


Each kit was designed with feedback from the benefitting organizations and causes.

How It Works


1. Click on the "Community Launch Shop" button below.
2. Choose your kit(s) per your team program.
3. Add your kit(s) to your cart.
4. Check out using the discount code given to you by your team lead.

*Your discount code will cover 100% of the cost of the kit(s) chosen.
Community Launch Shop

Volunteering. Delivered.

Lockheed Martin is providing Kynd Kits to be delivered directly to your home.

Kynd Kits are volunteer projects in a box. Your kit includes everything you need to make a meaningful project for someone in need.

The Journey of a Kynd Kit

What is a Kynd Kit and how does it work?
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