Matt Vogl

Matt has a deep passion for mental health that led him to found the National Mental Health Innovation Center (NMHIC) at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus in 2015.  As Executive Director, Matt led a team of committed professionals to help accelerate the pace at which new technologies are responsibly developed by working in close partnership with startups and entrepreneurs in order to better treat and prevent mental illness, promote mental wellness and destroy stigma.  Currently, Matt is co-founder and CEO of VXVY Mental Health, Inc., which continues the important mission of NMHIC with a partnership with Tulane University.


Matt has become a leading voice on mental health and the use of technology to improve people’s mental wellbeing.  Matt has lectured and been featured in the media internationally, including multiple keynotes at the World Conference on VR and Industry in Nanchang China, lectures at Harvard Medical School and Stanford University, and a TEDx talk on the use of VR in mental health.  Matt has served on countless academic and industry boards and advisory committees including the Digital Therapeutics Advisory Board at OptumLabs (United Healthcare).

Before taking on leadership of the NMHIC startup, Matt helped found the University of Colorado Depression Center and served as Deputy Director for eight years.  Matt has served on the board of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention of Colorado, Chaired the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado, was a founding member of the State of Colorado’s Legislative Commission on Suicide Prevention and has delivered suicide prevention trainings for nearly 15 years.  Earlier, Matt managed the national program expansion for the Nurse-Family Partnership, a perinatal nurse home visiting program.  Matt earned degrees from Marquette University and the University of Minnesota and now lives with his family in beautiful Golden Colorado.