Maximize Your Employee Volunteer Program

In today’s business world, corporate social responsibility is key to an organization’s success. A great struggle facing organizations today is employee engagement. First of all, establishing an employee volunteer program gives your staff purpose and meaning. Therefore, more of your employees believe in your organization and the positive change you create together, the more productively they’ll be. How do you maximize your employee volunteer program? Engaging employees in volunteer opportunities, as well as finding other unique ways to make the world a better place are all components of a successful CSR program.

Fostering a successful employee volunteer program, coupled with promoting your organization’s works can feel impossible! That’s where KyndHub comes in.

KyndHub is a social media network and volunteering technology. As your employees volunteer, they post their efforts into the groups in which they participate. The more employees volunteer, the more content you’ll have to share with each other and the world! KyndHub’s volunteer search feature allows users to easily find opportunities in their area based on their interests. As a result, group volunteer events can be posted on a native group message board for recruitments and sign up, and you can create community challenges to engage your employees like never before.

KyndHub turns your volunteer program into a custom social network. It inspires your employees to become more involved. It allows your company to gain social capital through sharing your real-time influence. Your organization’s social impact should be shared with the world! Not to mention, in a free market economy individuals use their funds to support organizations they find worthy. Most of all, giving back to the community is an incredibly important consideration. Your volunteers can inspire others and attract more people to your brand. As a matter of fact, you can use KyndHub to go viral!

You’re already doing the work. Moreover, you’re doing great things and you’ll continue to do more. It should be easy to track your impact and share it with the world. KyndHub makes it simple to do both.

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