Our Vision: Everyone Works on Their Mental Wellness Everyday

Here at Project Helping, our vision is that everyone works on their mental health everyday. One way we do this is by setting weekly goals for ourselves that guide our mental wellness process. Working on mental health looks different for everyone.


mental wellness: do what makes your soul happy


My goal for this week was to manage my sleep and gym schedule better. The problem is that I would put off going to the gym until 9pm, then I wouldn’t get to bed until 11. I decided that instead of procrastinating on gym time, I would be intention about it. Everyday this week, I planned ahead by bringing my gym bag to work with me. That way, I could go straight to the gym. By going to the gym earlier everyday, I could then get to bed at a reasonable hour.

For me personally, working out is a huge part of my mental wellness. But that isn’t the case for everyone and that is okay. Another  member of the PH team set a goal to call 3 old friends this week. She set out to accomplish her goal by reflecting on who she hasn’t spoken to in a while. Then, she called up that person to reconnect. Other goals for mental wellness included meditating 4 days this week, being present over a family vacation, and working out 7 days this week.

Mental wellness looks different for everyone. For some of us at Project Helping, exercise is what improves our mental wellness. Some people use mindfulness, while others take a more social approach.

The goal of working on mental wellness everyday might sound like a tall order, but sometimes even small things can help improve our mental wellness. Whether it is meditating for 10 minutes over lunch, getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep, or going for a walk. Sometimes those small things might be a little goofy, like jamming out to a great song during your morning commute, climbing a cool tree, or making that weird but cool recipe that you saw on Instagram. There is no wrong way to improve your mental health, as long as it makes you feel happy and satisfied.

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