When is a Good Time to Work on Your Mental Wellness?

How and when do you work on your mental wellness?

Let’s start by answering that questions with another question (less than ideal, but stick with us).

When is a good time to work on your physical wellness? Probably always. Even when we aren’t actively working on our physical wellness, we know we should be. We should be eating bettter, working out more and generally taking care of ourselves.

Why do we not treat our mental wellness the same way? Why do we wait until we feel “off” or unwell before we start to take action to improve our mental wellness. So the best time to work on your mental wellness is now. Now and always, regardless of how you’re feeling.

Now that we’ve established that, what’s next? How do you go about working on your mental wellness now and always? Fortunately, we can help with that. The best part, it’s way more fun than going to the gym!

The answer, the workout for your mental wellness is kindfulness. Not only is it pretty simple, it’s also a lot of fun and makes a tremendous impact on the community. There are five pillars to kindfulness.

First, volunteering. Volunteering has tremendous mental wellness benefit and while you’re building up your own mental wellness, you can also impact others in need!  That’s a win-win. Some more good news – we make it ridiculously easy to sign up for volunteer events that are meaning and social! You will get the best results from volunteering if you make it a regular part of your life, ideally doing it once a month. Again, we’ve got you covered as almost all of our events are recurring on a monthly basis.

But what do you do inbetween those volunteer events? That’s where the second pillar comes in. Intentional Acts of Kindness. The intentional part is important. If you set your intention for the day to do an act, or acts of kindness, your entire mindset is changed. You are looking for positive ways to interact with people. There is not act of kindness too small. Hold the door for someone, buy a stranger a cup of coffee to just offer a smile to a stranger.

When you start to engage in pillars one and two you will start to notice you are more acutely aware of all the things in your life you are grateful for. Naturally, the third pillar is gratitue. As you become more and more aware of the things you can be grateful for, write them down, express them or share them with others.

Have you noticed how much better you feel when you are engaged with others? Of course, when you volunteer and do intestinal acts of kindness, you are naturally connecting with people. The fourth pillar of kindfulness is connection. Connecting with others people is vital to our mental wellness. Fortunately, this will come naturally from practicing kindfulness.

Last, but certainly not least, is reflection. When you write down what you are grateful for, you are reflecting. Do the same with the volunteer work you’ve done and even your daily intentional acts of kindness. With every act of kindfulness white it down for your own purposes, or better yet, share it with others and inspire them to do more!

That’s the great part about working on your mental wellness by practicing kindfulness, it’s great for you, it improves your mental wellness and it makes the world a happier place for us all!

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