Results from the recent pulse survey suggest employees want more connection to each other. Employees also want more informal opportunities to connect. NetApp Serves has partnered with Project Helping to create memorable team volunteering! This partnership offers teams the ability to connect, have fun and give back to their communities. Triple win! Convert your social events, parties, team building and off-sites budgets into an engaging virtual 1-hour experience to connect your teams.

Volunteering. Delivered.

NetApp is partnering with Project Helping to for unique Kynd Kit programming.

Kynd Kits are volunteer projects in a box. Your kit includes everything you need to make a meaningful project for someone in need.

What to Know

  1. Complete the order request form below. 
  2. You will receive a bulk order template via email immediately. 
  3. Complete the bulk order form and send it back via the same email. 
    1. If you misplace the email address, it is: [email protected]
  4. The Project Helping team will be in touch to confirm program details!

Q: What is the cost of the kits? 
    A: Classic kits are $18 per kit and Plus kits are $36 per kit. You can include a pre-paid return label in the kits for $4 per kit. You can see all the available kits HERE

Q: How much lead time do we need to launch a program.
    A: Please submit your bulk upload form to Project Helping at least 2 weeks before the required in-hands date.
       For international programs, please submit your form 3 weeks before the required in-hand date. 

Q: Can we have a Project Helping representative on a virtual session with our team? 
    A: Yes, if your group size is over 25 participants.  

Q: How do I distribute my kits if we are not based in the United States?
    A: No return shipping is available for EMEA/APAC regions. We can help you find distribution partners for your kits in your region.

If you are leading a group of kit builder, check out our Facilitator Guide. 

Download the Guide


Everything you need to complete your project for someone in need is included in your kit.


Your company is providing prepaid kits, but you can pay for more if you want to do them with friends or family.

Free Shipping

Shipping to your home is included with your order.


Each kit was designed with feedback from the benefitting organizations and causes.

How It Works


1. Complete the form below to launch your program.
2. You will receive a confirmation email with a bulk order template.
3. Complete the bulk order template and return it to Project Helping at least 2 weeks before your desired in-hand date.

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Program Details

See all available kits here.

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The Journey of a Kynd Kit

What is a Kynd Kit and how does it work?
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