New Denver Nonprofit Partners

nonprofit partnersAt Project Helping we not only focus on the volunteer and their experience but also the volunteer project. This allows us to partner with a wide array of nonprofit partners. We strive to offer varied volunteer opportunities that are social, immediately impactful, and easy to join. These are the crucial elements of a volunteer project that improve mental wellness.

After a bit of a slower month of May, we are now fully ramped up and ready for summer. We have added several new nonprofit partners in the Denver metro area. In addition, we have monthly recurring events at each of these partnering organizations.

The Delores Project

The Delores Project provides safe, comfortable shelter and personalized services for unaccompanied women and transgender individuals experiencing homelessness. But their support is about a lot more than a hot meal and a bed. They provide safety, community and the opportunity for a second chance.

The Delores Project relies on thousands of volunteers each year. Because volunteers provide 90% of the meals and snacks served at The Delores Project.

Join a group of Project Helping volunteers as we serve a hot, healthy dinner for about 50-60 women and transgender individuals once a month. Visit the Get Involved page to sign up.

Ekar Farm

Ekar Farm is an urban farm dedicated to educating the community about sustainable agriculture practices and food justice. Also, they also donate healthy organic produce to local food banks. From the platform of the farm, Ekar Farm applies the practices of ancient traditions, customs and teachings to engage the community in the solutions to many contemporary challenges.

Because these events have an extra special touch, after our volunteer project is complete, it’s time to BBQ and socialize. We love to incorporate social time to connect and cultivate meaningful interactions.

Metro Caring

Metro Caring is Denver’s leading hunger prevention organization. Their programs meet people’s immediate need for nutritious food, as well as providing them with education and tools to improve their health and overall food security.

Volunteers play an integral role in Metro Caring’s success. Helping with everything from greeting participants to keeping the warehouse stocked and organized. Most of all, volunteer efforts allow Metro Caring to address hunger issues and guide families toward self-sufficiency. Join Project Helping as we help out in the warehouse once a month on a Friday afternoon.


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